W188 - Space Surfer Collection

1.Description of the Collection
Collection name: Space Surfer
Sometimes you want to go beyond the limits of acceptable perception. What if we could travel in near space, just on the surf, as if you went to the sea or the slide (snowboard) on a weekend)

2.Design Concepts
The design of this collection combines austere space suit style with colorful surf and snowboard clothing. This suit is filled with the most advanced technical achievements of the future of science. For example, all commands to the Neutron Surf are transmitted only by thought; for this, a neural interface is built into the helmet and other parts of the spacesuit.

The wearables in the collection are:

  1. Helmet (Helmet)
  2. Suit (Upper Body)
  3. Pants (Lower Body)
  4. Boots (Feet)
  5. Glasses (Eyewear)
  6. Hair (Hair)
  7. Neutron Surf (possible transport in the future) – I hope with the development of dcl it will be possible to move around the world on different devices - such as this surf. I think it was interesting if he could be controlled with a suit like that.

By the nature of my professional activity, I am often сonnected with architectural design, recently I have been fond of modeling objects. In dcl I have created some contest scenes. I am fascinated by working with details and therefore this work became very interesting for me. At the moment, I have already created one item from the collection (helmet) in a low poly model and combined it with the base mesh. I will create other items in the collection myself, if necessary, I can involve other 3d designers with whom I work or someone from the dcl community. I am also ready for fruitful work with mentors and exchange of experience.

4. Purpose
Some of the items I would like to distribute as awards for the development of the dcl community and part of them I could transfer for events dcl (for example 1 year of discovery of the world dcl - treasure hunters 20/02/21). Also want to sell them through the market.
I would be grateful for your support!)


Cool concept! Space, surf and geometry. Pretty trendy I think :hugs::ok_hand:


looks great) I know your approach will do it cool! :mechanical_arm: :smile:

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thanks bro) :cowboy_hat_face:

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And I also want to add some technical elements to the suit that I didn’t specify in the application. These are small neutron energy plates that allow you to add dynamic movement (increased jump height, movement speed and improved maneuvering on the board) to the character wearing this costume. It will look great now and I hope it will be possible in the future.