W174 - Sammich gamer fashion

1. Description of the Collection
This wearables costume collection is the essence of Sammich Game (do you remember costume minigame?), if you like the game, or not, this is the better costume to look the most funny around the plaza and to be ready to beat your friends with a really unique style.

Collection includes:

  • Unicorn helmet
  • Grandma Sammich t-shirt with frogger backpack and Frogger gloves
  • Unicorn pants with multicolor tail
  • frogger boots
  • thug-life pixel glasses
  • Frogger helmet

2. Design Concepts

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 21.42.38
(overall idea, little details can change)

3. Team
Pablo in decentraland, creator of Mana Fever with Aeyon and Sammich Game with Damián.
Damián: https://www.artstation.com/damianfg
3D models by outsourcing, most sure from decentraland community, still to be confirmed.

4. Purpose
Encourage the users to play games and participate in events with given prizes in order to boost content creations.
Limited amount to sell for self funding if necessary.


Yes… It’s a brain explosion, this suit suppresses the neon glow! It is difficult to remain invisible in it)


I like vibrant colours and this fits the criteria :slight_smile:


Haha thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

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I’m planning a possible tournament on sammich-game, so, the prize will depend on the result of the proposal :wink:


Love this outfit! Colorful and plenty of happiness :heart_eyes:

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you know we’re in for the unicorn!

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