Thoughts on DAO's Mission and Vision

The mission of Decentraland DAO is to build a thriving, decentralized virtual world that empowers its users and promotes economic sustainability - a place where collaboration, creativity, and innovation grow, allowing users to shape their digital decentralized environment.

Our vision is to make Decentraland an engaging digital space, fostering an inclusive digital realm where the Community works together to drive the world’s growth and development. We aim to create a decentralized virtual economy, focusing on self-sustainability and fair distribution of grants, opportunities, and resources.

Decentraland DAO is dedicated to decentralized governance, enabling users to have a say in important aspects of the virtual world, including grants, POIs, Names, policies, catalyst nodes, LAND and Estate smart contracts, and any other issues the Community deems relevant. By utilizing the Community knowledge, we participate to make informed decisions that support Decentraland’s ongoing progress.

We connect individual and group contributions with Community growth and acknowledge the importance of encouraging those who bring value to the Community and help the ecosystem advance. We believe that a group of diverse perspectives is stronger, more adaptable, and more innovative than any centralized authority.