Third Party collection Reserva X Spriz with URN: urn:decentraland:matic:collections-thirdparty:reserva-x---spriz

Reserva X Spriz

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- Description: SPRIZ NFT Series is Reserva’s first phygital sneaker collection.

- Description: SPRIZ NFT Series is Reserva’s first phygital sneaker collection.

- Description: SPRIZ NFT Series is Reserva’s first phygital sneaker collection.

- Description: SPRIZ NFT Series is Reserva’s first phygital sneaker collection.

hi i will chck this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

could you bring the materials down to 2?

Hey, @Sango! Sorry for the late answer. I’ve missed this forum.

I’ll check with my artist if it’s possible to reduce the materials. But in the meantime, is it a requirement to approve it?

Also, I’d like to know if it’s possible to change the supply of those 4 linked wearables. The mapping with the original collection is not 1 to 1, so with one single wearable we can supply many original NFTs.

Can you guys help me with that?

I think this will probably save some costs too.

Hello, @Sango!

It was ok to make it 2 materials! I’ve just updated the GLBs in the editor.

Thank you for the feedback.

i think thats just how the linked wearables show, regarding the unique category.

sweet ill check it over now

Right. So maybe I have to upload one wearable for each of the 309 existing tokenIds in the original collection? Even though there will be only 4 unique files.

no the one file gets called depending if the person has the wearable in the wallet. im guessing all the nfts are of the same designs in the collection?

We have 309 unique NFTs. Each NFT has four parameters: Edition, Size and Status.

However, the only parameter that affects the art of the NFT is the Edition. So we have only 4 different arts, resulting in 4 different options of wearables.

Depending on the NFT that the user has in his wallet, I need him to receive one of the 4 wearables. That’s why I was thinking of having more supply per wearable

Hello! Can anyone help us with this definition?

@Sango maybe there’s another person that could help us understand this Linked Wearables doubts.

if there 4 differnt models like you mentioned then this collection is fine. if you go look at all the linked wearables they are all tagged as unique. this is becasue the system works in a differnt way. instead of having a limit of how many can be minted, they are not minted and just given access to who owns the nft

if youre happy for me to continue i can approve once gas is within the threshold

So, even though they are “listed” as unique, it will be possible to have 2 or more users with the same wearable at the same time, correct?

yes as these will not get minted, the unique term is regarding the mint limit. in third party wearables there is no minting

so the limit is based on how many nfts you have in the original collection (not the dcl wearable collection)

Ive approved the collection, you can go ahead and see this for yourself if you and another person with the same nft as you log into dcl and you can both wear it at the same time :slight_smile: let me know if you need a hand with anything else

Thank you a lot, @Sango!

I’m going to test it right now and return to you whether everything worked out fine.

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Actually, we have already encountered one issue:

In order to know which NFT can be linked to which Wearable, Decentraland requires us to build an API that returns this answer. So, the Decentraland’s system calls our API to know if one user is allowed or not to have any wearable of our Linked Collection.

This is explained here: Linked wearables | Decentraland Documentation

So, we built the API. It’s ready…but I haven’t found anywhere that I can inform Decentraland the URL of our API, so they can make the calls. I have already tried to talk to someone in the support but they won’t answer.

Can you help us with this topic too @Sango?

Thanks in advance

okay, someone from the linked wearables team should have been in touch with you about that. let me see if i can find who should be doing this with you. wont be long