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Should Reserva X - Spriz be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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Reserva is a brazillian fashion brand that have launched its first phygital sneaker, SPRIZ NFT Series. This is a limited and numbered collection, which holders can redeem the physical pair of sneakers along with its digital wearable or leave it untouched and properly shrink wrapped under our custody, while waiting to resell it. The physical sneakers were hand tailored after the mint phase of the NFTs, making them pretty exclusive and special. In addition to the physical and the wearable versions of the sneaker, the NFT’s holders have several other benefits related to Reserva’s products, events and community. SPRIZ NFT was the second NFT collection launched by ReservaX, following the success of the first one: the Pistol Birds.


ReservaX believes in the true essence of the Metaverse, and sees in Decentraland a great opportunity to make tangible all the concepts involved in this new phase of Web. Beyond that, Decentraland has a very unique way of representing the digital version of the sneakers, not only due to its flexible art style, but also because of features like Linked Werables, which is the best way of delivering the holders the exclusivity they deserve.

In addition, Reserva believes that Decentraland has a great fit with its strategy to expand to external market, due to the platform’s global focus. Being one of the most valuable companies in the Arezzo&CO group, Reserva is now entering the metaverse and the external market.

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Note that this wallet address is the same used in our OpenSea account, which has a verified badge. Also, in the Smart Contracts, it’s possible to detect that this wallet address is the owner of the contract.

Smart Contract Address

  • 0x454d2e33d40ff26cd00ea58e2124c1e33c3b44bf

Manager Addresses

  • 0xCa9A636963ba3A2928dD93110bAD5FCE1F652a3b
  • 0xCBe0b873a7370e13374Be8ffbF9f5d2b64028B15

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • No

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Hey thanks for proposal. Did you hold any events in Decentraland, created and published any wearables ?

Hello, @web3nit !

We are launching this Linked Wearable collection to be released in the Metaverse Fashion Week 23, in the Brazilian Fashion and Beauty District, along side with Converge and Gira Studio.

This Forbes article tells a little more about what is the event, which, btw, is supported by Decentraland.

In 2022, Converge has hosted small events in Decentraland such as this one, for ABRAMUS (Brazilian Association of Music and Art).

In addition we have plans for creating events and permanent experiences in ConvergeLand.

Hello guys!

For @web3nit, @Tudamoon and those who voted “NO”: could you please provide some feedback about what it takes to the improve our request? This is our first time doing this kind of action in Decentraland so we’d love to know what we can do to reach the expectations of the DAO.

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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Nothing personal, Linked Wearables “bypass” DAO fees for publishing each wearable and before approving I would like to see some contributions such as:

  1. Interesting events that were held.
  2. Created and published wearables.
  3. Some good content which was created for DCL.
  4. Votings in DAO.
  5. Participation on DCL Forum.
  6. Minted DCL names.

From all of this as I understood you held only 1 event ?

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Thank you for clarifying!

Well, in fact, this the first step for a bigger strategy. Reserva is a huge Brazilian brand, so each step take time and effort to do it the right way. The plan is to use this launch as an official entrance of the brand in the metaverse, inviting hundreds of NFT holders and potentially thousands of the brand’s fans to enter the Decentraland ecosystem.

Reserva is a very important fashion logo in Brazil, so it’s actions causes relevant awareness.

Here goes some links that may interest those who doesn’t know the brand:

  1. Forbes
  2. The Nation View
  3. Open Sea

So, that’s correct…we haven’t hosted many events yet but that’s because we were always focusing in bigger long-term projects.

I would be pleased to provide any more information! Thanks again

I am voting “No” because you are selling these and should be able to pay the wearable curation fee. There were a lot of the same fungible tokens for this collection, so while it looks like there are 10 different concepts, they don’t need to be a linked wearable to airdrop them to those who purchased your NFT. I think this proposal over-complicates this.

I would like to comment that @Converge is a partner of DCL_Brasil and we would like to support to this proposal. Reserva is a very valuable brand in the Brazilian market and I believe it can bring many benefits to Decentraland. They are creating a Brazilian Fashion and Beauty District, along side with Converge and Gira Studio thats bringing new important brands.

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Understood, @Tudamoon. Thanks for sharing.

Well, actually if we could pay the fees in anyway, we would do so. We are choosing linked wearables due to its features, not due its costs. Our NFT was created in a way that allows it to be traded even after the redeem phase. Common airdrops are not the most suitable process for us because we want ONLY the current holders to be allowed to use the sneaker as wearable in Decentraland. We’ve created a very specific NFT contract that changes status after the physical sneaker is redeemed but it’s not burnt forever. So, it’s very important for us to have the wearable availability relative to the real time status of the NFT.

Also, even though there are only 4 arts in our collection, there are different combinations of art, size and id of the sneaker, in a way that each one is unique in terms of metadata too.

Hope I made myself clearer now.


I suggest you approach the community of Decentraland with a request for support of your project. Instead of stating out of the gate you are launching a Linked Wearables collection, instead say you are hoping to launch the Linked Wearables. Lead with the “hundreds of NFT holders” statement and provide data to back it up.

I have read the Forbes article and I look forward to all that you have planned for the Brazil Metaverse Beauty and Fashion District. I am sure your many talented artists have created some amazing wearables and digital fashion.

The Linked Wearables Registry is a great opportunity for existing NFT projects and brands to add utility to their existing holders. The submission fees are waived in part because of the promise of bringing web3 savvy users into Decentraland. For individual creators like myself, I release collections of one or two wearables at a time and pay $150 USD for each wearable.

There have been previous proposals that were posted and passed almost immediately by some wallet holding 4 Million VP. The clients represented in the proposal had a posture of assuming it would get passed. Community members, such as myself, bristle at this kind of behavior. The curators still need to be paid. The wearables still need to be hosted on servers which also costs money.

I appreciate this sentiment. I don’t know if it is even a possibility since there is no formal structure in place to handle it.

How many total, unique, one of one NFTs are in the collection? How many unique traits are there?

According to the information on OpenSea for the “Reserva X Spriz” there are 309 items with 4 editions/styles and 10 sizes. These are ERC721 token standard NFTs. There’s 217 owners with 70% unique owners. I’m unclear how the 10 different sizes would be depicted in Decentraland. I am also unclear how a 40 possible combinations work out to 309 unique, one of one NFTs. Is there a trait other than the editions and the sizes I missed? It seems to me you’ve got 4 visibly different shoes that you could model, submit and mint for your holders. You could pay the $600 submission fee going the traditional wearable route.

If all 309 NFTs are all visibly unique, and you use the Linked Wearable Registry, 10% of the collection needs to be reviewed by the curators. That’s 31 wearables that need to be reviewed. The DAO pays the curation and storage fees. That’s $4,650 from the DAO to pay the fees associated with your collection of 309 shoe wearables.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I’m currently voting NO until I learn more details about the proposed collection and its unique attributes.

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AwedJob bought up some great points, and I would like to see these answered as well.

Add Reserva X - Spriz to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Add Reserva X - Spriz to the Linked Wearables Registry

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