Stepping down as the Decentraland Foundation's Executive Director

Dear Decentraland community,

Since the beginnings of the Decentraland Foundation, I’ve felt humbled to have the opportunity to lead a visionary organization shaping this new medium. Guided by our philosophy of building a truly open and decentralized metaverse alternative that can’t be evil, we’ve made Decentraland one of the most innovative communities in the Web3 space.

I am enormously proud of where we have come as a project and community, and I am certain that the following years will be even better!

As I step down from my role as Executive Director of the Foundation, I will remain forever grateful to our community for their support all these years. I’m passionate about the impact Decentraland can have in the world, and I look forward to watching and contributing to its success as a friend and advisor.

After 4+ years at Decentraland, my journey has changed course, but Decentraland will be in brilliant hands with Yemel, an original cofounder of the platform and a vanguard of the open metaverse.

Decentraland’s brightest and most innovative days are still ahead of it—long live the open metaverse!



Thank you @Agus for all the great work you have done for DCL! I wish you the best on your new journey! We will never forget the great contributions you have made to DCL!

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Thanks for your support and dedication to the project!

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