Should elections happen for Squad Renewals?

It appears that there is a general consensus that we require the formation of the current squads. However, it is crucial to recognize the significance of allowing new members within the DAO the opportunity to assume positions within these squads.

The importance of granting other DAO members the chance to be part of these squad openings cannot be overstated. By enabling new individuals to take on roles within the squad, we foster a sense of inclusivity, diversity, and collective ownership within the organization. It allows for fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and unique skill sets to contribute to the overall growth and success of the DAO.

Moreover, providing opportunities for new members to join squads promotes a sense of empowerment and engagement. It demonstrates that the DAO values the contributions of all its members and encourages active participation. This inclusive approach helps to cultivate a vibrant community and fosters a sense of belonging, which ultimately leads to increased motivation and commitment.

Additionally, embracing new members in squad openings brings forth the potential for talent development and knowledge exchange. By allowing individuals to step into positions they may not have previously held, they have the chance to expand their skills, gain valuable experience, and develop professionally. This cultivation of talent not only benefits the individual but also strengthens the overall capabilities of the squad and the DAO as a whole.

In conclusion, while the need for the current squads is widely recognized, it is crucial to prioritize the involvement of new members in these positions. By doing so, we promote inclusivity, diversity, and collective ownership, while also reaping the benefits of fresh perspectives, innovation, and talent development. Embracing new members in squad openings is not only fair but also essential for the continued growth and success of our DAO.

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I agree that “core unit” grants seem poorly structured for decentralization.

I’m not sure the question “should elections happen for squad renewals” is valid, though. I think, given the current structure of the dao, Squads are funded by Grants and grants are asked for by individuals/teams.

If these units are “core” to the dao, they should probably be Committees or another, new, option that includes rules for funding and elections.