Proposal: Voice Chat through a Jitsi integration?

Proposal: Create a Google/Firefox/Brave extension to do Voice Chat

Voice chat is pretty hard to get right on the browser through WebRTC. The best alternative out there is Jitsi, but it works half of the times… Exposing this functionality through a browser extension would limit the product risk for Decentraland if it doesn’t work (it’s the extension’s fault!)

Must be technically viable; a bunch of extensions used to do this. It looks like every couple of years or so someone tries this:
This approach is similar to’s approach to video: they are fairly vocal about the fact that it’s Jitsi; not their own Matrix/Riot implementation that might be at fault if a WebRTC connection can’t be established.

User stories: Succinct descriptions of goals that can be achieved if this gets implemented

As a user, I want to be able to chat with nearby people so I can communicate more naturally with them

Technical ideas: We could embed a message on the chat with the information about the jitsi room to join.

Open questions:

  • Is it worthy to add a voice filter maybe?
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