Pre-proposal: Reimburse gas fees to DAO Committee Members

Hi all, this is Yemel from the DAO Committee.

The DAO Committee is responsible for sending on-chain transactions in order to update Decentraland’s Smart Contracts.

Every time a votation passes regarding Catalyst, POI, Ban, and Grants, we send two transactions to Aragon’s DAO contract in order to enact the proposal. The first transaction creates the action on the DAO and we have to wait 24 hours before we can send a second transaction to execute it. This delay period was included for security, during that time the action can be paused by any member of the DAO committee or the SAB.

These two transactions have significant gas costs measured in ETH. The fee is extracted from the wallet sending the transaction, the DAO Committee Member’s wallet.

There are other cases in which the members of the DAO Committee also spend gas, for example deploying vesting contracts and transferring the ownership of them to the DAO. Some polls may also require the Committee to take on-chain action which also incurs gas fees.

The addresses of the DAO Committee are:

  • 0xfe91C0c482E09600f2d1DBCA10FD705BC6de60bc (Yemel)
  • 0xBef99f5f55CF7cDb3a70998C57061B7e1386a9b0 (HPrivakos)
  • 0x3323B7264F7D5e8f98e6aFCcec73b6bA1116AE19 (Eric)

I’m the one who has sent more transactions in the group. To the moment I have sent 98 transactions and spent 1.033 ETH in gas fees. Here is the list of transactions downloaded from Note that I only use this address for my DAO Committee role.

This proposal is to allow the monthly reimbursement of gas fees to DAO Committee Members. The reimbursement will be calculated by the DAO Committee and the operation will be noted in the next bi-weekly report.

For: Approve the recurrent reimbursement of gas fees to DAO Committee Members.

Against: Reject the reimbursement of gas fees to DAO Committee Members.


I wanted to post this here to hear your feedback before publishing it as a governance poll.

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sounds like a necessity to me, i would be for this as its vital for the longevity of the DAO


I really like this process of doing a “Pre-Proposal” for feedback & support this proposal being pushed forward as a governance poll.

One thing to consider is it may be prudent and more sustainable moving forward to have a coffer/fund set up within the DAO and controlled by the DAO Committee for this very process, such that individual DAO Committee Members are not front-loading the costs.

I might suggesting adding something to this effect at the end of the proposal (before the for/against), if it can be done in a way that doesn’t detract from the central premise, e.g. “This might only be necessary as a temporary stop gap measure, should the DAO decide to establish a budgetary mechanism to cover these operational costs without relying on individual DAO Committee Members.”

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When I submitted my proposal to fund the DAO last year, I thought that the security commitee or the DAO Commitee could set up a Defender Relayer and Autotask to automate sending the enactment transactions.

Check it out here: OpenZeppelin | Defender (relay and autotasks section)
It seems to be free for this specific use-case.

Disclaimer: I’m the founder of OpenZeppelin (but Defender was developed after I left my role as CTO)

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By the way, this doesn’t negate the need to reimburse gas fees, it just saves time for DAO commitee members.

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