Marketplace>MyStore> Bids and Archive bug

Hi, I have two problems that needs fixing with the Bids section in MyStore.

1 - There are items that I have since sold that show up still in my BIDs list. So I click to archive and they disappear ( as should). The problem is that if i open marketplace in a new browser tab and navigate to the bids section again, all the items I have archived are showing again. Basically archived items don’t stay archived if you re-open marketplace in a new browser session or tab…

  1. Bids that we place on other peoples items also get listed in the same section, right. But it does not display all the bids currently active. Example, if I place 30 bids on 30 different items, in the Bids section I do not see all 30. It only shows 20. So 10 are hidden and there is no option to view them. There needs to be like a ‘load more’ option or ‘view next page’.