[DAO: QmRsbhq] Wearables Request — Add Duplicate Item Stacking to Marketplace

by 0xe58d9940a395d303e691dbe0676710d9c140101a (Archonomous)

Hello, Residents of Decentraland ~

This poll requests for duplicate items to be stacked into one listing on the marketplace. Similar to on OpenSea, this change would make it so when you click on an item, it takes you to a marketplace page specifically for that item which would then list all current sale prices by amount/user. With a system like this, it may even allow for users to post ‘buy’ offers as a potential future feature.

The reason for suggesting such an improvement is to keep the marketplace uncluttered, especially with the recent unveiling of L2 wearables. I believe we all know what it’s like to sort through 10 pages of rainbow earrings and grey hats, and I only see this issue getting more out of hand as wearables continue to release, especially in high quantity collections.

Ease of technological implementation aside, this poll constitutes a community ’
‘temperature check’ to get the issue out into the world and start discussing quality of life improvements such as these. Thank you for considering this request.

  • Yes, allow duplicate item stacking for wearables.
  • No, keep the marketplace as-is.

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There were some excellent questions/comments from fellow DCL users on Discord regarding this topic on a deeper level ~

  • What exactly makes an item a duplicate? Even if they have the same meta data, they may not have the same history, no?
  • Wearables are not fungible. It matters who wore that hat before you

I want to add clarity to the original DAO poll, as the intent of this proposal certainly is not to diminish the individual properties inherent to each unique wearable. As a solution, I see this working as one additional ‘layer’ of organization within the marketplace - for example:

  1. You head to the Marketplace with the intent to buy a Pride Shirt, and rather than seeing all Pride Shirts in the rows and columns of the marketplace, you see one icon in a stack – its price is the current floor price of the like-items in the stack

  2. You click on the marketplace stack for Pride Shirts. Now you see shared metadata such as the rarity and description. You also see the ownership and listings for every Pride Shirt which may be sorted by price, date created, etc.

  3. If you wish to view a specific NFT from a collection of like-items to inspect the metadata (such as series #), that would be possible by clicking any individual item in the list

Perhaps I am getting too specific, as the solution has more than one way of being worked out, but I hope this at least constitutes a clear example of how one additional layer of organization would help to de-clutter the ever-expanding Marketplace and create a more user-friendly environment without diminishing the importance of unique NFT properties. Thank you for reading~