How to rig properly a rigid following object

Hi all!
Trying to add a top head wearable with the propriety to follow the avatar, something like the dog here:

The difference is that I want to add an element that follows the avatar while remaining static, it simply has to crawl on the ground, like a kind of towed wagon.

How can i set the correct rig in blender?

In Edit Mode (TAB)
Use Vertex Select (1)
Select All Vertex (a)

Vertex > Vertex Groups > remove from all (CTRL g)

Object Data Properties > Select the ‘Vertex Group’ Avatar_Head.

Then click assign
Vertex > Vertex Groups > assign to active group (CTRL g)

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Nope, it continue to move and especially with the female body sways continuously

if you do not want the object to move at all, do not assign that object to any vertex groups

It was difficult for me to understand the Weight Painting as I’ve never worked with bones before. It is important to understand that you have one Vertex Group PER bone, and when parenting a model to the Armature with “automatic” weights, they are painted by Blender according to their distance to the bone which often leads to strange effects and must be corrected manually.

The dog for example has all Vertex Groups painted in deep blue (no effect), only the “Left Leg” and the “Left Leg Up” painted, but not in deep red (full effect). If you just want to follow the robot the avatar, I’d paint the Spine deep red and all others deep blue (not tested, but should work).

If you want to keep something attached to the body - a hat for example - which shall stick to the Head only, you paint all Vertex Groups in deep blue except the one where it is attached to - and this one in deep red. Then it will move with the head, but not with other parts.

If you are not finetuning the Weight Paint, it is a good idea to use a large brush, disable the Front Faces painting and switch from “Custom” Falloff to “Constant”. This will give a broad colorization of the vertex group both on front and back faces.

But I don’t know if it is possible that the robot doesn’t rotate with the character when it is dancing or example and just following it, never tried this.

Thanks for you’re tips, unfortunately I think is not possible to make something completely static for the relation to the avatar rotation. Once the object is joint with the avatar it will follow the movement and rotation of the “Hips” vertex group :frowning:
I tried with the paint tool but the problem remain.
@ENIAC if you do not assign any vertex group, once you’ll in DCL the wearable will not showed as an incorrect position

@METATIGER How it moves the dog you’re showing in the picture? It jump following the left foot right?

I didn’t create this but as far as you can see it from the Weighting, the dog just follows the movement of the leg, but not exactly as the leg (its not deep red, something about 75%). You can see this when you own the wearable and walk around. A clever made wearable - simple but effective :heart_eyes:

For the other problem: I’d attach it to the spine as this moves not so much than the rest of the body, did you try to paint it very faint that it doesn’t affect the child so much?

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