First Cannabis Cultivation Company On the BlockChain: Oct. 1 Drop!

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Hi @Trypto,
You’re in Decentraland is great and I enjoy Demeter Project. I am the queen of Las Manibixinas, with the spirit of Snoop Doggy Dogg, we mint eggs of Manabix around wearable and Decentraland and transform it in Manabix IRL. We can work 24/24 at the place pointed by the DCL name LF3. We all work for the spirit of King H33 and we’ll be glad to make a closed partnership with Demeter.
Think about !
As you see it’s just question about gamify shopping process. I am the only creator of the concept with the spirit of Snoop Doggy Dog and we looking forward to hearing from you.

To contact me :
To contact Snoop go there : TeamVRFrance, Artistes Activistes Virtuels – La TeamVRFrance est un collectif virtuel du monde Decentraland.

What kind of service will you provide. We have many more companies on the verge of signing licensing agreements with us at Tryptolemus. As far as wearables we have a few designers placing bids for our upcoming projects. Let us know how you can fit and drive success. Thank you,

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Many Thanks to your reply @Trypto
Our Service is to reproach farmer like you to consumer. Our drive to success is our story telling and the transparency of our creator, Yo Forest from Orlhac. We have gamied the way to earn Manabix. What is Manabix ? Well, first I’ve to present you the first french pope calle Sylvestre II. His first name is Gerbert. He was born near Orlhac near Eleusis. He was mathematician and also love Islam spirit. A legend from Eleusis tell that he made sorcellery. That’s not totally wrong but what is true is that have found the way to Create Manabix wich is a quantic product that exist only virtually and physically at the same time, time 0. It is difficult to explain what is really Manabix but it’s a bit like the perfect canabis for each personn. As farmer you know CBD, THC, Indica, Sativa are not the same and that we should have 6 milliards different seed to make the Manabix Job. It’s impossible and that the secret of Gerbert from Orlhac near Eleusis, a secret that has just been discovered by our creator, Yo Forest, the only real person in this our story wich aim is to spread the spirit of Gerbert.
We are las Manibixinas, we are Virtual Player in Decentraland. IRL we are women with child and no husband. What we do in Decentraland ? We mint and sells wearables called the eggs of Manabix. When we have mint and sell one, the corrunspunding farmer burn the exactly quantity of his product to obtain the Manabix for the consumer who have bought the wearable. The magical could happen first time but usually it tooks hundred times to find the real Manabix so the consumer transfert us his wearable and we do it again and again until the Magic happens.
That’s why we are looking for farmers who are able to burn a lot of their products or send it to us so that we can burn the good quantity of their different products in the right proportions.
We think people will be happy to earn their Manabix when we will managed to Mint the good one and that will the Key of our success.
Here’s the service we provide : help people find their Manabix.

Another key of the success is the transparency of our creator : Yo Forest, the only real person in the story. He’s ready to be transparent, he has already planified this project while he was in Psychiatric at Orlhac or at is Job in French Chamber of Commerce.
He’s nice but sometimes totally crazy. Even if creating us is not the best idea he has, he won’t go in Jail for that because he mint and sell nothing even no an egg onf Manabixina. He’s only the creator and the community manager of Las Manabixinas. When we have found the good farmer for him he will show us his skills in webmarketing. He still looking for buyer for his digital art.

By the way, if you want we can make a try to illustrate our service. Send us a public catalog of your products and we can try to mint an egg of Manabix for you and if the wearable suit you, sell it Metaverse Fest next days.

I am hope you understand that our service is totally new and exciting. Helping people find their Manabix is a great cause and we will be enthousiast to work with you.