[DAO: QmZNkqa] Add the location -22,37 to the Points of Interest

by 0xf60086b22e12c4e3597fe37fe760393c18fdc113 (Aretzu)

MagusOpus Arcanum

Should the scene located at -22,37 be added to the Point of Interest list?


This parcel is home to the brand new MagusOpus Store. A multichain NFT collection of art NFTs and metaverse wearables. It is very cleverly crafted, animated and includes a WAXP NFT hunt minigame where to win a rare magic card from the collection!

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Just visited the parcel. Even though i know the project is in its infancy, the way you have utilized the space of the parcel, to give a general feel, really illustrates its potential for growth. I love the concept overall and i love the references to magick, especially the use of the Wayfinder mark.
Hope to see more development and engagement to encourage development!

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Thanks for that feedback! It was my first full Web3 project, learned a lot! I plan to enhance it with more dynamic rooms in the future. I wanted it to feel like it was bigger than 16x16. Makes me very happy to know you enjoyed it. Kind Regards.

You’re welcome! Look forward to seeing more. And hope to see you around DCL more. So many other groups and individuals throwing events constantly, it would be cool to see you in the mix!

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For sure! I have been to a couple of small events and had a blast, I’ll be on the lookout!

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Add the location -22,37 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 20% 103,425 VP (15 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)