[DAO: QmXwafx] Ban the name WearableNiqab

by 0x271b9b45709982efd280c5c31d414a3c71d7a4ea (LF3)

Should the name WearableNiqab be added to the Denied Names list, banning it from Decentraland?


A Saoudi Women collection was published on the Market Place it’s includes a black Abaya , Niqab, and hijab.
This collection is prohibited content. It is a cruel content targeting Muslim Women. This content promote violence against women.

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Recently, a Saoudi Women collection was published on the Market Place https://market.decentraland.org/collections/0x15c4a4a7b09d485d7b14f1451bbc424628f79cf6
The collection includes a black Niqab, Abaya and hijab.

With this proposal, I request that this collection be removed as it does not comply with Decentraland’s terms and conditions.
This collection is prohibited content. It is a cruel content targeting Muslim Women who don’t wear this religious outfit.
For islamist, Niqab is a frontier between pure an unpure women. While those who do not wear the veil are despised. In the Muslim world the conflict is real and the petrodollars are on the side of the fundamentalists this outfit is not the norm. It has never been, why promote it in Decentraland when it is already spread all over the world?
Before saying it’s a clothing choice, have you tried wearing the whole collection in the hot sun and 45 at the beach?
This content promote violence against women.

Also, imagine in 6 months, a team of islamist who want to make happening in Decentraland. With this wearable, you roll out the red carpet to them. If they want to make a happening in Decentraland 50 people and 50 mana and they can show pic with their presence everywhere. This is definetly not a good wearable, not fun.

If women doesn’t want to show their noise or mouse, there are plenty others wearable, cat, robot… We don’t need to force that in metaverse also. And for a very very few minority who appreciate wearing this, we shouldn’t condemn a majority of muslim women who wear nothing or just a scarf.

Thanks for your help. :pray:


Lets ban this type of nft, they are disgusting.

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I’m not so sure that there is something inherently bad on this wearable.

I’m not an expert in the subject, but there are some concerns that banning that types of clothing (in the physical world) has a xenophobic element.

In some countries this clothing is associated with terrorism and main concern is the inability to see the face for surveillance purposes.

I agree that women should not be forced to dress like this, but in Decentraland women can’t be forced to dress in this way (and if its possible there are no instances were that was done), so I can’t see a reason to ban this type of clothing.

Banning this clothing could result in a issue on representation of some religions and geographical regions.

I’m voting no for now


This DAO proposal should be re-sent in the “Poll” category instead of “Ban Name” category.


I have made enough noise about this wearable, I don’t want to promote it nor disturbing more around this subject so I won’t re-sent it.
Thanks for yours comments anyway :pray:

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Thanks for your comment Eibriel, it seems to me to reflect the opinion of the majority.
I think it is a mistake because publishing this wearable is a political gesture and I fear it will be misused. My proposal will at least allow a point of vigilance. I understand that banning this wearable is an even stronger political gesture and that it could be interpreted as resentment towards a religion which is absolutely not my goal, quite the contrary.

Already, the Niqab is banned in Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Denmark at least, which is not nothing. This dress is not insignificant. It is that of a fundamentalist religious current, not of a religion as the fundamentalists would have us believe.
On a personal note, my daughter’s grandparents are Moroccan. I know a little bit about their region, I have seen things evolve there even if the King is doing everything he can to fight against fundamentalism to the point of removing certain parts of the Quran or contextualizing others. The Burqa was banned in Morocco in 2017.
In Saudi Arabia, female warriors are abandoning the Niqab for a classier veil or daring to put color on their Abaya. Many women around the world are fighting against this outfit published in the market place.
And meanwhile, while the forces of an enlightened Islam are fighting against obscurantism, a designer is quietly publishing 100 K Niqab in Decentraland?
I do not agree, hence this proposal. It will be impossible to know if the people who wear it voluntarily or not, if they are women or fundamentalists in promotion.

I understand that you are voting against it now, I invite you to change your opinion if the facts prove me right in the future :). For my part, I will accept the majority opinion. I will only respond with a creation. This sequence inspired me to create my next wearable. It will be an Amazigh outfit, an outfit from the Maghreb :slight_smile:.

Good day to you, nice song if you have 5 minutes more : An Algerian women Standing :wink:

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Ban the name WearableNiqab

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 454 VP (4 votes)
  • No 47% 236,746 VP (15 votes)

It should be allowed. It depends on how one uses it. People are free to wear what they want, especially when it’s modest wear.


I find no harm at all in these wearables. Metaverse should allow all cultures, all communities all backgrounds, all religions to express themselves whichever way they feel or like. This is the true beauty of the metaverse. To encompass all without any boundaries. :grinning: