[DAO: QmWCdQH] Should Decentraland provide MANA and LAND owners a quarterly update on their progress of porting Decentraland to the Oculus or any other gaming console

by 0x735197ddcc89b4e141788535fe7a249d4512292f (Brotar#292f)

Decentraland is unusable unless you have a computer with a graphics card. Which means 99 percent of the people who want to use Decentraland cannot. This is the reason why their DAU’s remain low and land remains dormant.

As a land owner, investor, and potential user, I feel that Decentraland has not efficiently reported to the community their plan to port Decentraland on to anything other than a web browser. I would like more details on when I could potentially use Decentraland on an Oculus, Playstation/Xbox, or Mobile tablet.

This poll is to determine if Decentraland should provide details, timelines, and priorities on a quarterly basis in an organized fashion to educate the community on their plans to port Decentraland to anything other than a web browser.

  • Yes, there should be an organized quarterly report
  • No, Decentraland should not inform the community in an organized manner
  • Invalid question/options

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