[DAO: QmUyTHq] Add the location 4,-111 to the Points of Interest

by 0xa65797de99c33ba9d028e535ab5f472653bc462d (bokkeh)

Wisher Vodka

Should the scene located at 4,-111 be added to the Point of Interest list?


This is the scene of the first ever meta-distillery in the metaverse. It is both a historic POI and a party spot. Wisher Vodka is a women owned company focused on providing value to the community through on-going concert series and events.

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If you’re never been to the Wisher Vodka location, or haven’t attended one of their events, you’re missing out! They have been around for a bit now, and have contributed so much to the platform, and outside of it, sharing the metaverse and Decentraland love. Having just met the team IRL at NFT NYC, I can say without question, this location should be a POI, and am quite surprised it isn’t already!

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100% YES… It was our pleasure to support your POI request. Wisher Vodka is a true pillar of this DCL metaverse community. I remember in December, we sometimes spent 3-5 hours a day chilling around the tree and stage, talking about what DCL can become and how we can do our part here to build and grow the community!

Co-Founder of BVERSE Business Consultants

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I mean who doesnt want Wodka in his life <3

Have been coming to Wisher Vodka for over 7 months now and have always had a great experience here! They were one of the first companies in the Metaverse to allow me and my son to perform their live! I have met so many people from coming to this location and participating in fireside chats, launch events and parties, and have watched it grow! Deserves so much recognition for the work they put in behind the scenes!

Born in Decentraland, the FIRST spirit in DCL. Fun, funny, getting us global exposure. YES forever. Thank you Bokkeh and Klow for launching your brand in our community. It’s been amazing to see you grow and evolve!

Bought my first bottle of Wisher Vodka a few weeks ago - delicious, going to be my new brand going forward!

You’ve got my yes vote.

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I thought you already had one! Voted!

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Thank you to everyone who voted for Wisher Vodka. We are truly fortunate to be a part of this amazing community and feel honored every time we have one of you walk on our land and join our events in DCL and IRL Meeting so many of you in person has made it even more special to be a part of this community. Thank you for for your support! We look forward to what the future of DCL has to come.

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Much deserved, congrats y’all!! :tada:

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Without a doubt! :raised_hands:t5: :clap:t5:

Add the location 4,-111 to the Points of Interest

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Add the location 4,-111 to the Points of Interest

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