[DAO: QmSy6W6] Patch Builder to latest SDK

by 0xbd5b79d53d75497673e699a571afa85492a2cc74 (DecentralandGod)

The Builder (https://builder.decentraland.org/) is currently running 6.6.3 (or lower I am not exactly sure) while the latest SDK is 6.6.5. This is not a major issue however the further behind the builder gets the more issues may appear between what you see in Builder and what you see when deployed.

For example introduced in 6.6.4 there was a backwards breaking change. “There used to be a gimbal lock problem where going from Quaternion > Euler wasn’t a symmetric conversion, so if you converted quaternion to euler and back you might not have the same angle”. This was a fix that was needed however anything running the SDK before this fix may need to be adjusted to work correctly again. There happened to be a few smart items using this function. In the builder it looked OK because it did not have the latest SDK. However when deployed it the rotation was not right.

Patching the builder to the newer SDK will help keep the gap of issues like this to a minimum

  • Builder should be patched to latest SDK
  • Builder can remain on old SDK for now

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