[DAO: QmRV5K1] RPS Finance or RPSBET platform in-game integration

by 0xb8cc65ef61cb183c671b33b40d5d544eabcdcba6 (DonnyTyler#cba6)

Should the following Tier 3: up to a 3 month vesting contract of $3000 - $5000 USD in MANA, with a one month cliff grant in the Gaming category be approved?


We imagine a future where anyone can make money in a super simple way—a gambling exchange or (Gamble-to-Earn)! RPSBET has been a 5 year project for us, we’ve combined so many features into the platform to ensure we make a super efficient income x gaming engine that is product/market fit. These things include Player Vs. Player (Bankroll)—to allow 24 hour games to run, skilled-based games only—to give users full control and an exchange-like UI—for setting stop losses (auto-payouts). More features include a ‘Kaiji’ inspired NFT card game, where users can use their liquidity knowledge as their high-skill component. Preview a card here: featured.market | Paper Coin RPS 200,000. The platform could integrate nicely with Decentraland and offer a more PVP experience.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address



We aim to become the first Gambling-to-Earn Platform, a safe gambling space; using skilled-based games as way of increasing your control rate with lower risk than typical gambling. Help us have a truly decentralized experience by voting on our partnership with Decentraland.org.

The problem with High-Risk Gambling & creating Quick Cash:
(1) Timely & Addictive in a bad way
(2) Time != Increased Earnings (this is bad practice)

The solution to Gambling & Creating an Income —RPSBET;
(1) RPS encourages users to stake (benefit from token taxes) their bets vs. just putting tokens ‘on the line’
(2) Player Vs. Player—Truly House-Free, Zero House Edge
(3) Skilled-based—Higher Control Rate, No Random, Provably-Fair Algorithms (e.g. dice games)
(4) Bankrolled Games w/ stop-loss capabilities—set up automatic games, run them 24 Hours.

We had 5 years of development and testing time, so we’ve had the time to test the theory and made improvements after 4 trials to reach what we think now is product/market fit, just need that final stage of development paid for (the integration)—but maybe this is a sign from Decentraland to pursue this partnership?

“Gamification participants score 14% higher in skill-based assessments”

With RPSBET, we could ensure an ethical future for Decentraland or it could even work in favour with the traditional gambling games to attract a wider user base as we see RPSBET an ideal fit for the current selection of games. We’re behind Decentraland’s motive of ‘Being the House’ and have come up with our own unique casino-like games that you can test so far using PayPal or Login with Metamask to receive some free virtual money to play with (as we’re still in Beta):


Rock Paper Scissors
This game is very simple: rock vs paper vs scissors. You can create a game and choose your
choice. If you join a game and for example you choose rock. Once you have chosen your bet, you place it and find out the outcome.

Brain Game—
Brain Game questions set to test your knowledge against other users. This mode allows you to set a high score which you want others to beat. When playing against this bet, your bet is then placed and you have to attempt the questions. If you are able to beat the high score then you take the pot.

Number guessing game with a growing pot. Aimed for long-term holds. Plenty of mind games involved when users Join as they go for cheaper guesses you could sweep them by choosing a higher, more expensive number. Don’t risk leaving your money in too long as they will eventually guess it! So be sure to set auto-payouts.

Mystery Box—
A new and improved Deal or No Deal. Pick the right box and you could win up to 50x your buy-in. Massive gains to be made from this game. If you are to guess incorrectly then
your amount is added to the bankroll for the bet.

Quick Shoot—
Quick shoot allows the user to pick where to save the goal by allowing the user to pick a pinpoint on the goal. The user creates a game. Other users then try to score and pay the fee to attempt the shot to win the prize sum.

Stratosphere (coming soon!)—
The first PvP Crash site with permission from Daniel @Bustabit!

Drop Game (coming soon!)—
Bet NFTs value against another’s, the rarer your NFT, the higher chance you have of winning.

Restricted RPS (coming soon!)—
RPS w/ NFTs (different odds)

The Royal Boycott (coming soon!)—
Horse racing, mint your own NFT Horses and stake them to earn rewards and improve on their value.


Final Requirements to go LIVE

Leaderboards to work with $RPS
Fix ‘Join Game’ pages
Hide other gamemodes (or fix them)
Write smart contracts for ‘Freeplay’ & Fixed (almost the same)
Smart contracts for converting community tax into $DG tokens
User Player Profiles to work with $RPS
Update all automatic messages & game Logs to work with $RPS
Testnet Launch
Mainnet Launch RPSBET.IO
Of course we’re going to need UI components and animations for the new Decentraland API so this needs to be considered.

$RPS Protocol Summary
When HOST clicks ‘Place Bet’ they will sign their transaction in Metamask.
Bets are pre-determined, so need to hash user’s choice (e.g. rock, paper or scissors)
HOST’s $RPS will be stored in an escrow address and will automatically send XX Amount of $RPS when PLAYER Joins & Wins
ELSE IF PLAYER Loses against HOST, their $RPS is sent to the escrow.
When HOST ENDs their BET, $RPS is released from the escrow address and sent to HOST.


We can just use React.Js/Node.Js to handle who Wins/Loses.

PSEUDO CODE (For ‘FIXED RPS’—Please don’t judge me on my Psuedo code!)


Game = Array {
gameID = auto_generated code
escrowAmount = $rps
public Address = random or set Addresss?
isGameOpen = bool
Bets.json: { keccak256_hash(choice) + Bet Amount + isIndexOpen }

CreateGame() {
Hide/Hash Choice e.g. rock | paper | scissors
Transfer $rps Amount from Host’s wallet to Escrow Address e.g. 0x7B429E1a7b6Dd855Df95AE7b5C8C86C7e0fAC83A
(timestamp) + gameID stored in block
(generate prvt key?)



isIndexOpen = bool
isLastGame = bool
Yes = True
No = Fale
Waiting = (True, await(5s))

calcFees(once | twice + Amount) {
IF Once = amount * 0.96
ELSE Twice = amount * 0.9216

isGameOpen() {
IF isGameOpen(True) {
Return Yes

isLastGame() {
IF no_more_indexes_are_open → isGameOpen = FALSE

executeWinnings(game) {
IF W → TransferFromEscrow(calcFees(Bet_Amount * 2)) to Joiner’s Wallet
ELSE L → do nothing
isIndexOpen(gameID, getIndex) {
Return False

JoinGame() {
GET block for selected gameID
IF isGameOpen(yes|no|waiting) {
Transfer $rps Amount from Joiner’s wallet to Escrow Address e.g. 0xD44304DA48f234eb63a49e1Ae3A8ACdA3a71a25a
isIndexOpen = False



EndGame(game) {
Get Host’s Prvt Key
IF isGameOpen(yes) {
isGameOpen = False
Transfer escrowAmount to Joiner’s Wallet


Hi, So I’m Lenny, CEO of RPSBET. My vision is to create a safe gambling space, G2E (Gamble-to-Earn).
CEO — Lenny Beadle, https://www.linkedin.com/in/lennybeadle/

The COO, Tino, is a true showman. Tino & Lenny became great friends almost 7 years ago with the power of business. Ever since then, we’ve been supporting each other with businesses ever since. Tino’s love for the music industry and events is what his personal goals are, in hopes to being an Artist Developer which falls inline with RPSBET’s values of using skills as your income, not your time.
COO — Tino Govere

Jin is an honest man, who doesn’t follow money and works incredibly hard, rarely sleeps and was kind enough to help us when times were tough. Unfortunately after 3 years, Jin is taking a break from RPS but he does mean to rejoin when he becomes less busy.
Ex Dev—Jin Wang, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jin-wang-4bb45a190/

Sam & Ryan are both qualified individuals from London, UK with great expertise in both Cyber Security and AWS (having backgrounds as managers and solidity development for big companies).
Sam & Ryan (New Devs)

Seevi is a super passionate designer and an extreme creative. Seevi is very open-minded and keen to get into blockchain. But all the great design work and awesome NFTs are designed by Seevi, who works hard to ensure our image stands out from others. The UI for example was carefully designed by Seevi too.
Designer—Seevi Kargwal https://www.linkedin.com/in/seevi-kargwal/

Roadmap and milestones

2021 Q4 • [$RPS V2] Private Sale 1—5BNB Raised :rocket: (Funds Raised for Audit+Marketing)

2021 Q4 • Techrate AUDITS :white_check_mark:

2021 Q4 • $RPS (NFTs) Private Sale :label: [Failed to raise enough funds for Previous Development Arrearsroughly3BNB]

2021 Q4 • PCS Launch 2021 [World’s Smallest MC Achieved—PooCoin BSC Charts]

This is where we’re at:
2021 Q4 • 500 AIRDROPS :helicopter::helicopter::helicopter:

2021 Q4 • RPSBET.IO Smart Chain Testnet :rocket:

2021 Q4 • RPSBET.IO Smart Chain Mainnet :rocket::rocket::rocket:

2022 Q1 • Restricted RPS Gamemode (w/ NFTs) 🪨:newspaper_roll::scissors:


2022 Q2 • Stratosphere Gamemode (PVP Crash) :chart_with_upwards_trend: :national_park:

2022 Q3 • New Gamemodes/Features depending on Votes (Drop Game, The Royal Boycott, Quick Shoot Teams, User-generated Brain Games, Mystery Box NFTs and more!) :joystick:

2022 Q4 • RPSBET.IO Renouncement • Staking—Governance Gamemode/Feature Voting & LP Token Betting

2023 Q1 • [V1 ITEBET.IO + $RPS only] First Announcements

ITEBET will allow anybody to create any game from any location, leave the game to passively make income for themselves.

Create an income upon developing a skill.

Play against ANYONE, of ANY BACKGROUND in the world.

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