[DAO: QmQS6oD] Add the location -134,-33 to the Points of Interest

by 0xe63ecfa58fb6f0202ef62dec8e8fb8c6b1a9edf9 (amazingromain)

Parcel -134,-33 + Free Gallery!

Should the scene located at -134,-33 be added to the Point of Interest list?


Hello, at -134, -33, Skyline, just buy my Art Gallery with new exhibitions every months. I could well communicate with new users about DCL. I really like the univers and am really enthusiastic !
Best Regards,

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Hi OP,

My recommendation for making a POI proposal would be to be make sure your project is fully situated, up and running, and stands out from other projects on the map. I would at minimum highly recommend that you pay the gas fees and change the name of your parcel from its stock name that you have right now and add a description of your gallery and project. Because I’m not quite sure how this POI DAO proposal system works, but it appears that we would be voting right now to add “Parcel -134,-33 Free Gallery!” as a point of interest on the DCL map, which I don’t think is you intention or will garner significant support. This is just my opinion and advice of course.