[DAO: QmNoXQY] Should the Curation Committee receive a Compensation for their work?

by 0x00d0e85cad26ce0f456db566721346cc4d2fd44c (Deliverator)


To incentivize members of the curation committee, we need to compensate them for their time and contributions.


The Wearables Curation Committee was formed to help ensure that all published wearables are technically sound before they are minted on Polygon and made permanently available to users.

The Curation committee is also tasked with identifying and flagging any submissions that may violate Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use. These submissions are not to be vetted by the Committee but are instead passed onto the DAO for final approval or rejection. The “handing off” process for these submissions still takes effort and time from the Committee members.

In order to incentivize committee members to do this work, they need to be compensated fairly. Failing to compensate the Curation Committee will result in faster turn-over within the committee, and (likely) a subsequent decrease in the volume and quality of minted wearables.


People who submit Decentraland wearables for publication must pay a fee of 500 MANA per item in each collection submitted. A portion of these fees needs to be used to compensate the committee.

I suggest that each committee member be compensated at an initial rate of $30 USD per item processed, regardless of whether the item is approved or rejected. These payments can be made in MANA by the DAO Committee on a monthly basis. Retroactive payments should be executed to compensate the committee for work they’ve done since June 1.

According to this query on the Graph, the committee has published 135 separate collections for a total of 299 items since the launch of the Wearables Editor on June 1, 2021 (as of the time of writing on July 15th). This total includes all submissions, including those that are rejected.

With the publication fee set at 500 MANA per item, the DAO has collected 149,500 MANA between June 1 and July 15.

During the previous 45 days, this averages to:

  • 1 collection / day / committee member
  • 2.21 items / day / committee member

At the suggested rate of $30 USD/item/committee member, each member would receive a rough average of $1989 USD / month (based on the previous 45 days worth of data).


Basing compensation on the number of items processed has several benefits:

  • Each month, running a Graph query to calculate the amount of MANA to transfer to the committee members is simple and efficient
  • The data that each month’s compensation is based off is transparent and public for the community
  • Starting at $30 USD per item leaves room to grow the committee, and increase the number of wearables processed
  • Compensate Curators - 30 USD p/item
  • Compensate Curators - Find another rate
  • No compensation for Curators

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An alternative to this would be paying in MANA instead of USD.
Example: A 10% of the publication fee (50 MANA per item reviewed).


+1 I think splitting the MANA from curation fee between the reviewer and the DAO is the most sustainable way, and 10% seems aligned with the USD value proposed.

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In alignment with $MANA vs. USD all the way! This helps fuel the DCL ecosystem and makes more sense than fiat. While we’re on the subject - I’m still v interested to help with the the Curation Committee, with consideration of my background and experience in brand licensing and apparel. So if there’s any need for additional support, give me a shout! Compensation in whatever form is just a bonus, as I truly care about using my expertise for the greater good to protect cemented intellectual property and to help uplift and promote original creators and artists.


I am glad to hear how you all feel, because I came to state the same — 10 to 15% of the publication fee and paid in MANA makes the most sense to me as a creator. Having payouts in MANA incentivizes the ecosystem even further and makes for simpler transactions.