[DAO: QmfHnMr] Remove "decentraland.org.cn" from the DAO Catalyst List

by 0x521b0fef9cdcf250abaf8e7bc798cbe13fa98692 (Unicorn)

Remove “decentraland.org.cn” from the DAO list of Catalysts

Abstract :

The “decentraland.org.cn” node has not been upgraded since several months. According to https://catalyst-monitor.now.sh/, it is running the version #a7888ea, from beginning of April 2021, almost 2 months old.

Motivation :

Catalyst nodes that are out of date or do not respond might pose security risks to any user of Decentraland that uses this node to download information. We should keep the list clean of servers that do not update frequently.

Since that catalyst was last updated, serious protocol updates have been deployed by the other catalysts and having a catalyst lacking behind by that much is a real issue to implement new features and optimizations.

The owner of this catalyst doesn’t communicate with the rest of the catalyst owners so coordination is not possible, they are also not technical enough to host a stable catalyst and hasn’t installed the necessary tools (which expose metrics of the catalyst, for example) to ensure the stability of the network.

Other catalysts are unable to pull any content from it, causing synchronization issues, frequent forks and issues for users to deploy content (as scenes are deployed to a random catalyst of the DAO approved list).


For: Removing “decentraland.org.cn” from the DAO Catalyst List

Against: Keeping “decentraland.org.cn” in the DAO Catalyst List

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