[DAO Proposal] Remove "peer.dclnodes.io" from the DAO Catalyst List

Status: DRAFT

Summary: Remove “peer.dclnodes.io” from the DAO list of Catalysts

Abstract :

The “peer.dclnodes.io” node has not been upgrading it node in the last few months. According to https://catalyst-monitor.now.sh/, it is running the version #5bdd23, from July 2020, almost 7 months old according to this commit.

Motivation :

Catalyst nodes that are out of date or do not respond might pose security risks to any user of Decentraland that uses this node to download information. We should keep the list clean of servers that do not update frequently.

Specification: N/A

For: Removing peer.dclnodes.io from the DAO Catalyst List 0x4a2f10076101650f40342885b99b6b101d83c486

Against: Outdated servers listed as high-quality Catalysts in the DAO Catalyst List.

Poll: https://governance.decentraland.org/proposal/0x0741ab50b28ed40ed81acc1867cf4d57004c29b6/vote/37

peer.dclnodes.io is updated now. I only see the last update as Dec 16th which I missed due to a slack issue. Sorry about that.

Looks like this won’t be necessary then!