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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


WonderMine is a social play-to-earn game where you mine meteors, collect resources and craft upgrades and rewards in the form of wearables and other NFTs. WonderMine is often the most popular location in Decentraland, with over 10,000 daily users in recent days.

We want to improve WonderMine and the other games in the WonderZone Amusement Park, making WonderZone and Decentraland the go-to places for play-to-earn metaverse games.

Link to WonderMine: Decentraland

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



When creating WonderMine, our initial goal was to give players a fun reason to log in to Decentraland every day. We started with simple game mechanics, resources, and crafting rules so people can immediately start playing without a steep learning curve. We also wanted it to be a social hub for Decentraland players.

We are proud of what we have built so far, and the great player community that has formed around the game. But improving the game has taken longer than we wanted. We owe it to the players to add game play features and offer more craftable wearables and NFTs. As a part-time team we haven’t had the time or funding to fully dedicate ourselves to WonderZone.


Acquiring funding through the DAO would let us dedicate more time to development, and hire an additional developer to help us improve WonderMine and other games in WonderZone park. Here is what we plan on expanding and improving:

Server improvements
To make the crafting experience and the overall gameplay experience more smooth, we’ll bring on a server-side developer to help us build a more solid server infrastructure. This is a high priority because we’ve had server performance issues during previous events, with a sudden influx of new players. It’s vital to ensure scalability as our games become popular.

WonderZone NFTs
Many of our players have been waiting anxiously for WonderZone NFTs, Diamond tipped Pickaxe, WonderGem Pickaxe and NFT fishing poles eventually. We will fast track the development of our proprietary NFTs once we acquire the necessary funding.

Shared meteors and meteor tiers
Currently in WonderMine, players can’t see the meteors that other players are mining. Shared meteors will be an additional class of meteor that can be seen by everyone in the scene. This will introduce some interesting competition and collaboration into the game. The shared meteors will be more rare and valuable in general, and require more than one person to mine them. These rare meteors might drop all over the park, so a valuable meteor could drop in a distant place in the park, and you will have to gather people from the mining field to help you mine it, and you will all share the rewards!

Kingfisher social fishing game
Some of you know that we already ran 2 beta tests of our newest game “Kingfisher”, which is a social fishing game. Kingfisher will be integrated into the WonderZone crafting economy. The materials you fish will be used in combination with WonderMine materials to craft wearables in the future. Some of the funding will go towards bug fixing and improving it so we can finally release it in 2022!

Kingfisher playthrough by Peanutbutta:


The team

  • Rob Dixon (Radix), Co-founder, lead developer
  • Chestnutbruze, Co-founder, 3D artist
  • Lew Co-founder, 3D artist
  • maruudn Community manager
  • Maricela Perdomo (Maricela) 3D artist

Roadmap and milestones

2022 Q1

  • Server improvements
  • WonderZone NFTs
  • Shared meteors
  • New wearables
  • Aesthetic improvement of in-game assets
  • In-game highscore leaderboards with monthly rewards/tournaments

2022 Q2

  • Release Kingfisher, a new social fishing game
  • More meteor tiers, rarer meteors with more valuable materials
  • Wearables Shop and Ticket System
  • In-game Pets
  • More wearables
  • Expand WonderMine to other scenes across Decentraland
  • Restructuring of the park

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Expanding and improving WonderZone

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Expanding and improving WonderZone

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