[DAO:c0c49b1] Update #8 for proposal "WonderMine Multiplayer and Feature Enhancements"

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In August we deployed our new WonderZone Arena scene and ran the first big event there. We’ve also finished work on the Season 5 wearables and are finalizing the shared meteors feature, both of which will be released in early September. This is the last update for our grant, which ends September 5th. Thanks for the support everyone!



  • Ran the first ever live event at the new WZ Event Space

    • BeatTrekkers 2 Finals Round 1 was held at the new event space August 2nd
    • Over 120 attendees, more than twice any other Beattrekkers event
    • Good reviews and Twitter activity about the new venue
  • Ensured the crafting machine is stocked with wearables

  • Monitored bot activity

  • Handled support tickets in the WZ Discord server (ongoing)

WonderZone Arena Event Space

  • Made final changes and deployed the new WonderZone Arena scene
  • Added sun-ray animations and moving platforms for spectators and dancers

Season 5 wearables

  • All 10 Season 5 Wearables have been designed, modeled, and submitted for approval
  • Formal approval was received on Aug 29th
  • Wearables are being added to the crafting machine to prepare for the upcoming Season 5 Launch event

Server and back-end

  • Finally got the shared meteor server code hosted and shareable to Decentraland clients.

Shared meteors

  • Finished the in-game shared meteor UI, a progress bar showing how many people have mined the meteor so far
  • Added new Shared Meteor Loot pop-up UI
  • Set up shared meteor loot bundles
  • Ran internal tests of shared meteor features


No blockers in August.

Next steps

This is the last update for this grant, which officially ends September 5th!

The last grant-related tasks will happen during the first week or so of September:

  • Public multiplayer testing of the shared meteor feature during the DAO’s next ‘Testing Tuesday’ event
  • Season 5 Wearables Launch Event and 2X Loot Drop Event on Sept 9th

Thanks to everyone in the WZ community for sticking with us, and thanks to the DAO and the DAO community for continuing to believe in WonderZone. Follow along on what goes on at WonderZone, and be the first to know what comes next by joining our Discord server, linked below. Thanks everyone!

Additional notes and links


Discord server: WonderZone Amusement Park

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WonderZoneGames

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