[DAO: QmdPPGr] Add the location -23,69 to the Points of Interest

by 0xaaadc5ecd1ae5d9a67d625c0021d9a59e01b3a89 (Degen)

Rare Pepe Gallery

Should the scene located at -23,69 be added to the Point of Interest list?


-23, 69 is the “Rare Pepe Gallery,” a curated selection of Rare Pepes from the legendary 2016-18 Counterparty (XCP) set, hung in a one-of-a-kind structure. The XCP assets are wrapped in ETH-based emblem vaults for display in DCL.

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Hello DCL! I’m Degen, the curator of the Rare Pepe Gallery at -23,69. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a talented builder to bring a completely unique structure to DCL, with completely unique artwork. My gallery only hangs Counterparty (XCP) Rare Pepes, a 2016-18 NFT set. Through the brilliance of the emblem.finance vaults, we can now take XCP assets and put them in ETH vaults. The vaults are counterparty-aware, so buyers can verify the Counterparty asset is contained within. If a buyer wishes, they can “crack” the vault and retrieve a bitcoin private key for importing their XCP wallet, or keep the vault as-is to enjoy and/or resell. This is a passion project, and I would appreciate your “yes” vote to get the Rare Pepe Gallery listed as a point of interest! Happy to answer any questions.