[DAO: QmcyBpK] Add the location -135,25 to the Points of Interest

by 0x65fd567571e17e3525ff69427c5366f2eca541e7 (MikeyB#41e7)

Parcel -135,25

Should the scene located at -135,25 be added to the Point of Interest list?


The Hitbox project is a furniture and decor showroom providing stylish decor for DCL scenes. All items in the showroom are links to free downloadable models made specifically for DCL which can be imported into the Builder and deployed in any scene.

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cool idea! is there a way to see other catalogs // layouts // groups of models?

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Hello MikeyB#41e7,

I have some questions about your proposal and your build. In the build there is a link to a discord that I can’t seem to get to work: Discord Do you have any other web2 presence besides the models you have loaded onto SketchFab?

Why do you think your site should be included in the Decentraland Points of Interest? I can see that you have a few furniture items you are offering up for people to download and use for free. That’s a nice service you are providing. I’m wondering what kind of community engagement beyond this you plan to have. Will you be listing your service on any social media or other web2 sites to bring traffic into Decentraland?

You’ve spent less than 15 minutes engaged in this forum and you’ve had an account since the end of February. You own a 1x1 parcel of land but not a DCL name. Do you have plans to purchase one? Are you active in any of the DCL discord channels?

Do you have plans to reintroduce your proposal about deploying “NFT 3D models in DCL”?

Hey dax - we appreciate the support! Right now there are 2 paths forward for showcasing more furniture / decor:

  1. Buy or rent another property to expand the showroom footprint
  2. Rotate items in and out on an every few day / weekly basis. The Sketchfab storefront (Hitbox: Home Decor (@hitbox) - Sketchfab) will have all of the models available at all times, but the single parcel showroom we have right now is a constraint to work around.

All of this said, we’re absolutely planning to produce more furniture / decor, with different styles being the focus to give builders more options in designing their spaces.


Thanks for all of the thoughts and questions @AwedJob! And thanks for the heads up that the Discord link isn’t working properly. It’s supposed to be linked to the “Hitbox: Home Decor” Discord server - I’ll get to the bottom of that and get it working.

Right now the web2 presence is limited to Sketchfab and the above mentioned Discord server. We just fully deployed the showroom a few weeks back and the plan is get a website up and running next. Longer term, that website will be the main host of our models. As we expand our collection of furniture / decor, I’d like to highlight that new work in Hitbox Instagram and Facebook accounts, which have not yet been made. Step 1 was to build the showroom, a first set of models, and get it deployed. Step 2 is to get the word out! Getting the Hitbox DCL name is a great suggestion. I’ll look into that this weekend. I occasionally post in the Discord channels (#builder-and-3d, etc) with questions about building and marketing.

Good find on my “NFT 3D models in DCL” proposal! I still think this would be a game changing new functionality for DCL. Being newer to the community, I honestly don’t know the best ways to push for these kinds of proposals. Thought I’d get it up there to see if others saw value in it as well. If you have thoughts on how to get more involved in pushing for these kinds of changes, I would love to hear your ideas!

Key question: So why should Hitbox be included as a DCL POI?
When I first got involved with DCL, I was blown away by the concept of a user owned world where you can create content and interact directly with users. I spent a lot of time just wandering around and noticed most properties looked like museums: art on the walls with very little decor to make the spaces feel warm or inviting. I saw an opportunity to use my parcel to meaningfully contribute to the building of this world, to make spaces more welcoming and comfortable for users. The irony of digital furniture is that avatars can’t sit in it. But our sense of comfort in a virtual space is inspired by the real world, and furniture is a huge part of making spaces welcoming IRL. This all said, being a POI will bring awareness to builders in DCL that these resources are available. We feel that the virtual showroom is essential to show how you can stage a property with furniture. Being able to experience that in-world, to walk around the staged scene to get a sense of space (especially in VR) is the ideal way to inspire other builders. Getting people into that space as a POI is the key to unlocking that potential impact.

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i’ve seen a few people being very intent about people who create proposals having DCL names - can i ask why that matters to you or what you think it represents? Is it a community buy-in thing or what?

thanks for the reply! shoot me a msg on discord when you have a minute!

Hey Dax - I’d love to get in touch! My Discord account is: HitboxHomeDecor#8194

There are a couple Dax’s on the DCL Discord server, so I wasn’t sure which one was you.

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Paying the 100 MANA eth for a name shows a certain level of commitment to the community. A person can rent a land parcel, petition for a POI, hold a couple of events and then go dormant. DCL is decentralized but it is full of people that care about the world. More important than building on an empty parcel, is to be active and involved with the other people in DCL.

Right now it would cost someone $85 usd including gas to get a name. Comparatively a web2 domain and a wordpress subscription with media storage for a year is about that much.

I’m the proud new owner of 3 Names! Thanks for the insight @AwedJob on how the community appreciates users who are contributing to the DAO via Names. I’m very happy to contribute in this way!

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Thank you for answering my questions and for making a commitment to the DCL community. I have voted yes for this proposal.

great - thanks for the support @AwedJob! Hugely appreciated!

Will be watching this project closely… do not disappoint :wink:

absolutely LOVE this idea! Downloadable furniture is an amazing distribution channel! hope more people copy this!


We’ll do our best to create and innovate! thanks for the support!

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Add the location -135,25 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 96% 1,054,618 VP (30 votes)
  • No 4% 47,074 VP (3 votes)

Add the location -135,25 to the Points of Interest

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

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Congratulations @mikeborden on passage and enactment of your POI! Please reach out to me and others in the community with any questions or requests you may have.

Thanks so much @AwedJob! Thrilled to be a POI! We’re constantly working on this project and will have some new stuff to share soon. I will certainly be in touch if any questions come up. Thanks again!