[DAO: QmbPAPP] Should the foundation meet with Umbria-Narni bridge to discuss adding $MANA to the Umbria platform?

by 0x6a77883ed4e65a1df591fda2f5252fd7c548f198 (Fancy)

Recently an invitation was extended by co-founder of Umbria Oscar Chambers to discuss adding $MANA to their platform. Would you support this conversation taking place?
Please feel free to check out their discord’s #community-support channel to verify this offer. Search for Fancy#1446’s communication brief thread starting on June 10th at 9:41 am CST.

I’m posting this proposal because historically the foundation has been difficult to reach, and I believe if added, the community would collectively save tens of thousands of dollars if not MUCH more over time. Currently if you hold $MANA on the ethereum chain, you must first swap it to another currency to bridge on the Umbria platform.

The Umbria Narni Bridge uses a novel liquidity-provision protocol, to speed up, and lower the cost of cross-chain bridging. The bridge facilitates cross-chain migration of assets by holding multiple assets on multiple chains, simultaneously, in liquidity pools.

The Umbria Narni bridge is different to other cross-chain bridges, because it does not rely on validator smart contracts, which can dramatically slow the bridging process. By removing the necessity for such validation, the Umbria Narni bridge can complete cross-chain transactions with an order of magnitude cheaper fees.

website: http://bridge.umbria.network
Umbria offers bridging at a rate that is as much as 10x Cheaper and 10x Faster than other bridging platforms. Transactions typically occur in under 4 minutes at a cost of between $4-$9 USD.

Current supported assets from Umbria include: Ethereum, Wrapped Bitcoin, USD Coin,
Tether USD, Polygon, Ghost Token, Umbria Token

Discord - Posting this link for easy access to the communication thread. Feel free to navigate from their website or linktree if you feel safer.

Umbria Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetworkUmbria
co- founder Oscar’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/OskiiDev
Umbria discord: DeFi Umbria

*all info pulled from the official website or discord. I welcome and encourage all feedback! Thanks for your time and consideration,
Frank Morrison/Fancy

  • Yes - I support this
  • No - I do NOT support this
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The Foundation is unrelated to the DAO, this proposal will not lead to anything

@HPrivakos - Respectfully, I was advised by foundation member @lastraum that it isn’t my place to speak to Oscar directly when I reached out to the community building discord. The DAO is not an individual person. So its if its not my place to discuss, and it’s not the Foundation’s place to have this discussion, perhaps you could advise me just whom the proper person would be. And might I have a contact for that person?

Perhaps you are qualified, as a mentor, to reach out and respond to Umbria’s request to discuss this? The point of this poll was to get the conversation to take place. I could care less if this poll passes or not. My intention was to provide evidence of the actual LEGITIMATE request, and to get the proper person or person’s attention.

If you are not the proper person to have the discussion, surely you can personally reach out to the appropriate person to insure a conversation takes place. For the greater good.

Thank you for your valued feedback.

You don’t need to talk to anyone or have any kind of approval to use/support MANA in your product, MANA is not owned by anyone (the address owning the smartcontract as been burned).
If you want to add MANA to your product, you can do it without needing any kind of authorization.

@HPrivakos It would have been a lot easier if Lastraum mentioned that in our discord. I’m fairly new to the crypto space and wasn’t aware there wasn’t a need to permission or approval. Especially after being told that they needed to reach out to someone with more authority.

Also I have nothing to do with Umbria Network. I only use it for bridging. I’m just a concerned DCL user trying my best to help save the community some money. My apologies for my lack of knowledge. Thank you for educating me.

Should the foundation meet with Umbria-Narni bridge to discuss adding $MANA to the Umbria platform??

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes - i support this 16% 153,712 VP (18 votes)
  • No - i do not support this 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 84% 779,111 VP (5 votes)