[DAO: QmbHHgD] Creation of the First Audiovisual Hub in DCL

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


We are a team of award-winning storytellers, with more than 20 years of experience, and deeply passionate about DCL.

Our goal is to create the first AUDIOVISUAL HUB in DCL.

We want to build a place where content creators and independent production companies will meet to share ideas and experiences about how to tell stories in the metaverse.

Grant size

50,000 USD

Beneficiary address



We aim to develop a strong community of storytellers that will work together to create the navite web3 cinema format.

These films will not just be shot at DCL, but will be premiered at the STUDIOLAND…

We also want to add a podcast studio, bringing already established podcasts to record their shows in DCL , as well as new talents looking forward to sharing their stories.

Anyone with a good story to tell, will be welcomed at the STUDIOLAND.

In both cases the intention is to invite the audiences to participate in the recordings of the podcast and the premiers of the films, and through this expand the DCL community.

We are WOW LAND, a group of content creators that got together in 2002, that are web3 enthusiasts and want to create the first audiovisual hub inside DCL.

Regarding films and series, through DOC LAND ( www.doclandfilms.com ) we don’t only have the recognition of the industry as independent producers, but also of the audiences and festivals. From Grammys, to the Oscars to the first prize at the Montreal Film Festival.

Dying to Tell (2018) - MORIR PARA CONTAR – Doc Land
Born in Syria (2017) - NACIDO EN SIRIA – Doc Land

We also create podcasts through POD LAND ( www.podland.com ). Two of our most successful shows are related to crypto/web3 and gaming.

¿Por qué no te habré hecho caso? (“I should’ve listened to you”)
Crypto podcast hosted by Santiago Siri - YCombinator founder and Proof of Humanity creator ¿Por qué no te habré hecho caso? - Podland

Videojuegos, entiende a tu hijo (Gaming, understanding your kids)
Gaming podcast hosted by Eric Murillo - KPI Gaming founder and Ex Twitch director for Spain

This background gives us the conviction that we have the network and the skills to make the STORYLAND community thrive.


Our goals will be:
Provide know-how and share ideas with creators, newcomers and existing members of DCL.
Create native content and reproduce exogenous content.
Invite the audiences to participate.
Produce the first native DCL film, adapting the concept of cinema to the reality of DCL users.
Live recording of podcasts.
Steps to follow
Purchase a 2x2 land (we raised private funds to this end)
Build, with PolygonalMind, a three story building, which will include
First floor: Podcast studio, film related NFTs exposition
Second Foor: Event saloon, including bar and meeting rooms.
Third Floor: Cinema.
Creation of a website, promotion inside DCL and via our already established company of the new space to invite new members to the community


Hernan Zin - Multi awarded independant filmmaker, with more than 20 films and series at Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO. Founder of WOW LAND
Mauro Ordoñez - Institutional relations professional, community builder and WOW LAND manager.

Roadmap and milestones

Phase01 (1 months)- Finish the design of the building with PolygonalMind, buy the 2x2 land, communicate through our media the creation of STORYLAND, recruit content creators.
Phase02 (3 months)
Week 1- 10 Construction of the building,
Week 11-12 Offer an inauguration event, have the first gatherings of content creators, record podcasts inside decentraland, start filming our movie in the metaverse.
Phase03 (2 Months)- Host 2 gatherings with physical world producers inside DCL. Record 2 episodes of our podcasts. Showing the space and renting it for their future events to maintain the community strong once the grant ends.

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Im vote no. Dont know none of you. Make a group name and use it. Run around DCL and build some propinquity and reputation. There’s literally Like 4 or 5 stream groups people spending thier own damn money and hundreds on hosting services. Sinful Media , B Verse, Last Slice etc etc. They have spent thousands and hundreds on parcels creating and interviewing people on Twitch, Twitter spaces and such. Cool you got big media ties then id also expect you have least a little money for a name. You dont need a upfront loan to come in here and build a community or reputation before asking us DCL for support. Everyone wants to just jump in and siphon funds to build. A lot of us jumped in with our own funds and money and put the time in. Look people like Bitbears , Metazoo other people who came in with nothing and who are building. JTV, Dice Masters , Niki with the vroomy , Wilderness , Vox boards. Waifumon with @AaronLeupp All these people came in on their own merit and dime. Its time people who want money actually prove they are apart the community before we just kick funds. F people dont even want to create a liquidity pair with DG who has over 5mil in DCL investments.


I noticed you are asking 50k USD , but I also noticed you have not claimed a name yet. :thinking:

I figured if Multi awarded independant filmmakers, or Institutional relations professionals were entering the space they would at least have the capital to invest into a name.


Hey! I’m Mauro Ordoñez, one of the proposers for the grant, the name which we chose for the space is STUDIOLAND.

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As an indepentant enterprise, our budgets usually depend on external financing, our interest in this space is genuine, this is the way that we thought we could offer our experience. Logically our knowledge about the functionallity of DCL is building up through experimentation.
Didn`t know about those groups that you mentioned, I will look into them.

Creation of the First Audiovisual Hub in DCL

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 21% 439,331 VP (18 votes)