[DAO:fb20621] Update #7 for project "Information Preservation in Decentraland: A Historical Perspective"

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Hi, hope you guys are good and had a nice weekend and a great start into July.


I was advised by the GSS to post an update and renounce the last payment of the grant, given that 3 months have passed since I should have finished this grant. I m not sure if a 3 months period after the initial ending time is a requirement for assessment of revoking a grant or not, given that it should have been finished by 1. April, I tried to be in the time frame and post before June ends. I’m not certain if it has any impact or action, but I’ll find out.

I acknowledge that my proposals freezing is purely my own fault, given that I was running out of time, but the freeze itself took a certain steam out of my flow. And we all know that things can happen or change in the course of a given timeframe. While I was almost finished before my freeze, I was focussing on new topics I haven’t covered or didn’t mean to cover in this grant, tried to enhance content for simplicity and readability, instead of just finishing.

Below are the pages and topics I covered:

AI World Fair 2023
AMA - Ask Me Anything
Art Week 2020
Art Week 2021
Birthday 2021
Birthday 2022
Birthday 2023
Builder Contest
Christmas 2019
Christmas 2020
Christmas 2021
DCL Camera
Decentraland All Hands #1
Decentraland All Hands #2
Decentraland All Hands #3
Decentraland All Hands #4
Decentraland All Hands #5
Decentraland All Hands #6
Decentraland Art Week 2024
Decentraland Community Summit 2024
Decentraland Community Summit 2024 - Presentations
Decentraland DAO
Decentraland DAO Grants
Decentraland Foundation
Decentraland Game Expo 2024
Decentraland Music Festival 2023
Decentraland Weekly
Decentraland Wellness Week 2024
Emote Contest
Exclusive Masks Playtest 2019
Fashion Show 2.0 2020
Fashion Show 2020
Game Jam
Genesis Plaza
Halloween 2019
Halloween 2020
Halloween 2022
Major Events
Metaverse Art Week 2022
Metaverse Art Week 2023
Metaverse Beauty Week 2023
Metaverse Fashion Week 2022
Metaverse Fashion Week 2023
Metaverse Music Festival 2021
Metaverse Music Festival 2022
Metaverse Pride 2022
Metaverse Pride 2023
Moonshot Crypto World Cup 2020
NFT - Non-Fungible Token
Photo Contest
Play-To-Earn (P2E) Games
Pride Parade 2021
Public Launch 2020
Twitter Spaces
Wearable Contest
Worlds AMA

A total of 73 pages, from my initially set goal of 70 pages. Additionally I made a pull request for 12 articles on the official docs pages and wrote a blog post. Adding up to a total of 86 content pieces.

Not sure who will be the final decision maker of the outcome of this grant. But I had fun finding the information I was looking for and tracking it step by step.

As this is just a sandcorn in the desert for information in Decentraland, I’ll be looking to add further info and content as time goes on. As I have stated a few times over the course of this grant, since there is enough to keep someone busy for a long while. And I’m personally excited where DCL 2.0 will lead the platform and the new achievements and progress it comes with.



Next steps

Be happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Additional notes and links

Love y’all.

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