[DAO:f9dd9f6] Ban the name Ladyboy

by 0xff3327cc139449fa111ad87351bb300e9cc7607c (Gubblebum)

Should the name Ladyboy be added to the Denied Names list, banning it from Decentraland?


Continue to eliminate the hate ^.^

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Voting Yes, in general that world can be used in a offensive way (when not used to refer to Kathoey), and in particular that name is being currently used to make feel some members of the Decentraland community unwelcomed.

Queer people are an essential part of our community, building the platform, building content and giving support. This kind of hostility against a section of our community should not be allowed.

Even from a completely selfish point of view this should not be allowed. The trans community is huge in virtual worlds. If we want to see growth we must be welcoming.

Voting Abstain because while the person using the name may have used it in a derogatory way, the word itself is commonly associated to people from thailand who have had surgery to change who they are, and are generally accepting to the word.

If its the person that has offended the community, then it should be the person that is punished, not the name.

I’d assume that if a thai ladyboy comes into the space, and finds out that the word “ladyboy” has been banned, it’ll not come off as accepting to them as well.

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There are about 300,000 Ladyboy’s alone in Thailand. Not counting the other asian countries with massive Ladyboy populations. Banning this name is like saying they are not welcome to decentraland, which goes against the ethos of decentraland platform.

That doesn’t vindicate your actions when you use such words with poor intent.

I decided to vote ‘no’ on banning the two names owned by JasonX that a few community members selectively “feel” is “offensive”.

I voted ‘no’ because:

  1. It doesn’t seem like there is any evidence that JasonX used these names in a kind of abusive way; simply owning a names isn’t being abusive.

  2. If these names are considered to be “offensive” by some community members, then why only these 2 names, and not the many other names that have already been minted? Names, that should really be at least as “offensive”, or in many cases much more “offensive” than the 2 Jason X owns, but no action has ever been taken by these few group members to ban any other “offensive” name.

  3. To test this, JasonX created several proposals to ban very similarity sounding names that should also be highly “offensive” to these community members. However, while they voted overwhelmingly ‘yes’ on JasonX’s “offensive” names, they simultaneously overwhelmingly voted ‘no’ on the similar names that JasonX proposed to ban. This is clear evidence that the so called “outrage” expressed by some community members is completely fake, and these attempts to SELECTIVELY ban “offensive” names is simply a way to specifically target, harass, and bully a single community member.

  4. Names are just words, and words shouldn’t be banned, as there are many of us perfectly capable of using words responsibly, and the majority of the shouldn’t be punished to protect against the “possibility” of a someone using words that just “might” hurt the feelings of a few.

As such I not only voted ‘NO’ for the 2 proposals that, imo, unfairly targeted JasonX, and ALSO voted ‘NO’ on all JasonX’s proposals to ban the names he chose.

Imo, banning names a just a very dangerous precedent to set, especially in this case as this is clearly a witch hunt.

If anyone agrees with the above, you should perhaps consider voting **‘no’ **on ALL these name ban proposals as well.

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Ban the name Ladyboy

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 39% 4,658,010 VP (45 votes)
  • No 50% 5,858,053 VP (43 votes)
  • Abstain 11% 1,395,273 VP (27 votes)