[DAO:f2aa5ad] Should the DAO Increase Polygon GWEI Threshold?

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Should the DAO Increase Polygon GWEI Threshold?


For the past several months, Polygon GWEI has been out of control. Currently, the threshold for “free” gas to the consumer is 150 GWEI. Meaning that anytime GWEI is higher than 150, Decentraland provided services fail.


Having a marketplace and platform that provides free gas to its users is a huge selling point when onboarding new users and builders. When an entire quarter goes by where GWEI is consistently above 150, that selling point becomes obsolete.


Some examples of Decentraland services that fail when GWEI is above 150 are:

  • Purchasing - Both primary and secondary purchases.
  • Transferring - Sending wearables to other wallets.
  • Minting
  • Publishing - As well as adding minters/collaborators and putting items on sale.
  • L2 Services - Air-dropping wearables or transferring MANA with Decentralands script. This directly impacts Play-to-Earn games.

In some cases, with purchases in-game on LAND or in Play-to-Earn games, the user does not have the option to swap to Polygon Network because that results in them disconnecting from the in-game experience as that requires a constant connection to Ethereum Network.

It’s a huge red flag for new users. I know when I started out I had very little knowledge of what GWEI was and how it worked exactly. A lot of new users likely do not own MATIC or know to purchase it. Therefore the sales conversion funnel that the foundation spends enormous amounts of effort on fails.


Currently, the DAO covers these gas costs and the average is $1k-$2k USD worth of Matic spent each month on Polygon GWEI (data provided by HP).


Enacting this proposal will allow greater scalability and flexibility with free meta-transactions across the entire platform. Gas is already paid for by curation fees that the DAO receives on the Polygon network. There is more than enough in reserve and from each fee, that doubling this threshold will not create a negative financial impact on the DAO. This will allow more free meta-transactions during peak GWEI times to ensure the platform continues to grow in transactions that return royalties and other revenue.

Implementation Pathways

Upon community approval, the DAO committee will update the Polygon GWEI threshold from 150 to 300. Once the number has been changed it will be reflected on the network instantly.


This draft is to increase the threshold from 150 to 300 to meet the new standard norm that we’ve been experiencing for the last few months. While GWEI can still go higher than this amount, this should help increase the number of free transactions drastically.

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Implementation path is valid.


We absolutely need this. New users don’t understand why their transactions are failing and they think it’s a flaw in the system. I have given out 1,000’s of free wearables & emotes to new users I meet and attempt to onboard, and I can’t send them without it kicking me out of DCL while I swap to the polygon network. Then when I try to switch back to the Eth network to return to DCL, many times I can’t get back to the same scene (because of Decentralands’ operating flaws), and I lose contact with the new user :frowning: This seems like a little thing but it definitely kills the vibe when talking with new users, trying to build a organic connection so that they stay in Decentraland foreverrrrr. :wink:


This is an absolute must and I’m glad the threshold was reached!

Should the DAO Increase Polygon GWEI Threshold?

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 6,237,687 VP (127 votes)
  • No 1% 20 VP (2 votes)
  • Abstain 0% 0 VP (1 votes)

Should the DAO Increase Polygon GWEI Threshold?

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