[DAO:c78bb2a] Community consultation regarding the use of LAND (Part C)

Hey lastrum, yeah a land lease could definitely prevent any conflicts, but what I’m more concerned about is if the foundation decides to not extend the lease for whatever reason.
I would assume that down the line the Foundation may want to introduce more mega events to attract users so while we are at 60% capacity for the plazas right now, it may not stay that way.

As to your point about running both systems concurrently, I think that would be a great idea. How do you intend to build it up? And also, would it involve getting a grant as well?

True. All of this is interesting in the new realm of “worlds” being available. Topic for a different time.

As far as concurrency with both ideas, I strongly feel Last Slice is setting the precedent for the right approach on redeveloping a plaza, and I fully support more redevelopments like this. I have the system built in alpha, would need to deep dive and improve it for scalability and bugs, but I would be happy to introduce a poll first and let it work it’s way through the system.

If the dao is using dao funds for this land buyback, there should be the same logic applied for using a grant to fund this type of redevelopment.

I will work on a poll for Friday!

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The Foundation is not willing to transfer plazas as you saw with the process you had to go through for your grant

I never said transfer. I am referring to deploy rights with a land lease.