[DAO:7c80c61] Infrastructure for LANDs

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What should the voting threshold be when applying for 1 plot of land?


This draft proposal is to advance the setting up of infrastructure for LANDs use by the community.


4 polls were conducted and 3 conclusions were derived.

  1. Create a specific category for LAND related matters on the DAO proposal page named “LAND”.

Refer to Annex (A)

  1. All proposals will be decided on a case by case basis, including the permitted tenure as well as whether cost is involved.

Refer to Annex (B) and (C)

  1. The ‘Acceptance Threshold’ should be set at 2m Voting Power for 1 parcel, and thereafter, a dynamic threshold is triggered.

Refer to Annex (D)


With the successful passing and subsequent enacting of the LAND purchase agreement by the DAO, infrastructure should be set up to allow all members to start using LAND.

Through various consultations held in the past month, the DAO has come to an agreement to set up a process in which potential tenants can submit proposals.


There are 4 key goals to be achieved with this proposal.

  1. Create a specific category for LAND related matters on the DAO proposal page named “LAND”.

  2. Implement an application form format for potential tenants.
    The form will include categories such as location, title, purpose, amount of time to be occupied, rent payable PER DAY during occupancy (if any) and other information.

  3. Set the ‘Acceptance Threshold’ at 2m VP for the 1st parcel and 200k VP for each of the remaining parcels thereafter.
    It’ll work out as follows:

1plot: 2m VP

2 plots and above: 2m VP + [(total plots-1) x 200k VP].
For example, 6 plots will be 3m VP.

A ceiling of 6m VP will be applied (similar to governance proposal or a grant that requires $100k)

  1. Proposals for the use or revocation of LAND need only go through 1 round of application, similar to POIs.


With the governance proposal for LAND purchase enacting soon, setting up the infrastructure for use of LAND is the next step. This will ensure that a proper process is present to prevent confusion as to how applications for use works.

Annex (A)

Annex (B)

Annex (C)

Annex (D)

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Hey :wave: Thanks for proposal. Have some questions:

amount of time to be occupied

  1. Will there be time/duration limits per application ? (For example in situations where the Land use will be free)

A ceiling of 6m VP will be applied

  1. Does this mean a limit on the number of parcels per one application - 21 parcels ?

Won’t there be situations when applicant wants to claim, for example 40 parcels, which is by proposed formula must be 9.8 M VP threshold, but the ceiling will still be 6M ?

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Hi @web3nit,

  1. yes there will be time/duration limits, but it’ll differ from projects/builders. Based on the feedback that I’ve gathered through the consultations, it seems that members of the DAO prefer to judge the time limits on a case by case basis.

  2. Yes, in such a situation, although its technically possible for someone to apply for 40 parcels and attempt to “whale” it through, that individual will have to gather enough VP, and at the same time, win the vote by majority. While it is a risk that is possible, the risk of LANDs being underutilized due to a high threshold far outweighs that of someone attempting to hijack a huge amount of the DAO’s LANDs.

IF, in the worst case scenario, it occurs, the ownership of the LANDs will still be with the DAO, so the perpetrator can only deploy, or keep it barren.

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Thank you for your reply. I support the overall spirit and idea of this proposal but I believe that the ceiling 6M is too low including current vp circulation and members with significant vp. Curious to hear Community members thoughts. :sparkles:

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Hey! Yes lets hear out what the community has to say in terms of weighing betw both risks.

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This will be the format for the LAND application form:

Form for LAND related matters
Before applying for the use of any space, please ensure that the land you are choosing isn’t already occupied. You can refer to (add in aragon wallet add) to see which LANDs the DAO owns. Do note that roads are not for rent.

LOCATION (if applicable)

[xx], [yy] (similar to POI format)

(Option to add more parcels)



The permission you would like to seek for

(E.g I want to rent land)


Give a brief description of what the space is for/ what is the matter you would like to address.

(Rent it to build a playing space/gallery)


Yes/No options

Choosing ‘No’ will disable the option to choose a longer timeframe (up to 180 days max)


[xx] days (up to 60 days max)




Include details such as if you are currently renting another space from the DAO, or that you are a grantee.


Options available for members to choose

The acceptance threshold is way too low. This is way too easy for one whale to decide.

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Infrastructure for LANDs

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 4,216,746 VP (67 votes)
  • No 1% 507 VP (1 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 406 VP (2 votes)