[DAO:b9870b7] XFounders Boot Camp. Startup school for Web3 Startups

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XFounders - Practice-oriented educational environment in which ambitious founders learn, share experiences and help each other implement web3 projects. The XFounders project aims to support web3 entrepreneurship and accelerate mass adoption in web3 by helping those who create this mass adoption.
We want to help understand how to build web3 projects in modern conditions and do it together with like-minded people. We help each other with experience, resources, expertise and networking. Our common goal is to create products with sustainable business models in web3.

Grant size

100,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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The web3 startup scene is buzzing with incubators and accelerators that promise to supercharge your project’s launch, test wild hypotheses, and attract big investments. But hold up, there’s a problem with how things are rollin’! The selection process is flawed, the costs are sky-high, and the chances of success are slimmer than a toothpick. It’s time for a change, my friends!

:rocket: The Challenges We’re Tackling:
Let’s talk numbers, folks. The current accelerator and incubator selection process? It’s a tough nut to crack, with a dismal conversion rate of only 0.3%. Yup, you heard that right—99.7% of projects get left out in the cold without any support or guidance. And the costs? Woah, they’re hefty! We’re talking about 6% equity and 6% of the total token supply, sucking the life out of startups’ tokenomics.

:zap: Our Solution: XFounders to the Rescue!
We’re XFounders, and we’re here to change the game. Our mission? To skyrocket the statistical likelihood of startups making it to incubation, acceleration, and fundraising. No more leaving 99.7% of projects behind, my friends. We believe that by empowering more projects with a deep understanding of web3 dynamics, we can unleash a storm of hypotheses, launch a fleet of kickass products, ditch the weak models, and develop sustainable business models at warp speed!

:muscle: An Inclusive Approach:
We’re not about exclusivity and gatekeeping. Our program is all about inclusivity, accessibility, and building a community of founders, developers, and web3 specialists. We want everyone to have a shot at success, regardless of their background or connections. We’re tearing down those barriers, my friends!

:star2: The Future of Web3 Starts Here:
Together, we’re gonna build something epic. XFounders is more than just a program—it’s a movement. We’re fixin’ what’s broken in web3 accelerators, paving the way for widespread adoption and unleashing a wave of game-changing startups. Are you ready to join us on this incredible journey?

:alarm_clock: It’s time to build the future—together! :muscle::boom:

Roadmap and milestones

milestone 1 - Offline program creating

  1. Preparation of topics with methods, experts and partners
  2. Free educational content for community (YouTube, Medium, Telegram)
  3. Preparation for offline event (placement, catering, equipment, branding, merch, etc.)
  4. Scouting for web2 and web3 projects"

milestone 2 - Offline event providing

  1. Conducting an offline educational program
  2. Recording the educational program to create an online knowledge base
  3. Creating cross-content with media, bloggers, journalists (who are present at the offline event)
  4. Conducting a Demo Day"

milestone 3 - Creation of an educational platform

  1. Development of an online platform for online knowledge base
  2. Integration of wallets for accessing the program through NFT ticket
  3. Post-production of the online program
  4. Localization of the online program in 15 languages
  5. Creation more free educational materials for community in 15 languages
  6. Scouting for web2 and web3 projects

milestone 4 - Launch of online knowledge base

  1. Launch and distribution of online knowledge base
  2. Launch marketing to promote online knowledge base
  3. Investing in best Startups going through XFounders program

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XFounders Boot Camp. Startup school for Web3 Startups.

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