[DAO:ac0d813] Do Decentraland needs native car system?

by 0x247e0896706bb09245549e476257a0a1129db418 (LordLike)

Hi, just want to know community thoughts if Decentraland needs cars and ability to drive them. Maybe its something that needs more technical research and can be implemented in future roadmap.

As to motivation, Decentraland has pretty big world and most people travel by teleporting. If there was fast ability to travel Decentraland by car, maybe it would give more user incentives to visit Decentraland and explore the metaverse in exciting way.

  • Yes, research should be made
  • No, we dont need it
  • Invalid question/options

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I am exciting to hear your thoughts. :sunglasses:

Ye I agree, I wish vehicles were a thing. IIRC this is in the works (smart wearables), not sure how is the implementation roadmap so far.

PS: there are already some vehicles available for purchase in third-party websites like metazone.io. They are only working in your own parcels for now.

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Thanks for writing this proposal! We spoke about this on our Community Building Decentraland Twitter space recently, how basically all of the roads in Decentraland are land that is not fully utilized. I’m no programmer or coder, so I don’t know how difficult this would be, but I can imagine the amount of $$$$$ we would spend if we could purchase our own cars if they were assets we could purchase like wearables. I know I’d need to roll up to Roustan’s in a hot pink lifted Dodge Hellcat with 35" tires, but that’s just me. Could there even be collaborations with auto companies? Instead of simply making a build, what if they could create and sell vehicles we could use for transport in DCL? Someone suggested that when the avatar steps onto the road they themselves are converted to their vehicle, as in some games that are in DCL. So yeah, I’d love to use the land set aside for roads :+1:


Car market would be nice.

I’d love for vehicles to be in decentraland, however I think this comes down to a render speed issue. If avatars are moving faster in decentraland, content needs to render faster around them.

I think once the platform improves to instantly load content, cars and other modes of transportation like flying are inevitable. Right now with current render speeds, I don’t think it would make sense.


If someone can explain technically and simply how to improve Decentraland for it to have car native system - will really appreciate it)) :heart:

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Btw goal of the proposal is to start technical research on this idea.

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cool cool I support researching the idea. Idk about technically how to improve it, this is just based off my experience running around DCL and waiting for content to load.


Love that you started this conversation here @web3nit ! It’s polls like this that are making me actively think on how we can better utilize the forum for discussions such as these.

Honestly, I feel the question is a no-brainer: of course vehicles would be awesome in Decentraland! It’s why great projects such as Vroomway are so hype.

I think the real question is; what limitations, from a platform side, are stopping this from happening, and more importantly, from the foundation’s perspective, where would solutions for these said problems lay with regards to the foundation’s priority in building out the minimum viable platform?

@ile put it perfectly here. There’s a multitude of different things that, currently, stand in the way of this idea taking fruit. Rendering speeds are just part of the equation. Server-specific code for regulating the speed/entities/physics of the cars would be another question.

Judging by how rigid and limited our ability to influence the avatar/player camera/player movement/global key subscribes are right now in DCL, I don’t see this being easily implemented, and I feel there are far more pressing issues that the foundation would likely be prioritized over the coming months which will aid in building up the platforms infrastructure.

Just my 2 cents, however! We need more of these conversations looking ahead! :clap:


So, Canessa got me thinking here…

@Vaporizador is right here :point_up:. Currently, experiences like this only work on own parcels because they are scene specific, ie: to launch these cars into a scene, there’s a lot of extra code that needs to be deployed to scenes to support the experience.

However; Decentraland’s road system works in a very similar fashion to our own parcels.

When I was teaching myself how to use the SDK, this was my first ever test with CANNON.js:

(Sorry for the low quality, the forum has limits, but hopefully you can see what it would be like to drive into the sunset in Decentraland :sweat_smile:)

I definitely need to revise this code. One of the things that stopped it from working efficiently was the fact that we can’t influence the cameraTarget in the SDK yet (which is why games like DecentRally are a bit awkward when it comes to steering the vehicle, as they rely on mouse-pointer direction, as opposed to in-built steering on an axis). It’s the inability to influence the cameraTarget that causes the unnecessary jittering that you can see in this prototype.

However, if the DAO has access to the parcels of land which form our road network, I don’t see why we can’t plug in this code into some roads to test out. They’d still be scene-specific, however, they’d be limited to the public roads, which in truth, is the only place we’d really want to be driving (until @Canessa starts making it a point to drive up her hot pink Hellcat everywhere :rofl:).

@yemel what do you think? :thinking:

I’m not sure how CANNON.js would look like at this parcel scale. The scene would have to be continuous. It’ll definitely need to be coded to peak efficiency, but honestly, it’s looking doable. My stress-tests were done on a 200-parcel property, and so far, they’ve worked without a hitch.

…I think this, with the rollout of SDK 7, might actually be doable and can be entirely community-led. It also gives us a chance to better work together as a DAO when it comes to the collective management of public spaces.


It does
It might make the roads heavier though as they would need to have extra code and extra 3d models, which would make DCL slightly slower to load for everyone who spawn next to a road


wow this is awesome :heart_eyes:

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are there any ways in future to solve it ?

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It would totally make roads heavier, however, we can optimise the models on our end to make them as efficient as possible. I also wouldn’t add any message-busses/multiplayer to start, which should keep things somewhat smoother and more contained.

The question is; could CANNON.js handle being placed on such a large parcel count? My immediate reaction is skeptical, however, when I start thinking of how the underlying code works, and the stress tests I’ve run, I feel it might be more optimal than we may initially expect. :thinking:

The system can be placed behind an async function, which can pop up as a 2D UI on your screen, which means you can toggle the entire system on and off, according to your performance choices.

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Not only cars, vehicles in general! I want a motorcycle :sunglasses: :motorcycle:


Decentrabikes would be great)))

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Roads are single plot scenes, except for custom roads (like the rainbow road with the tram).
If scenes are developed properly, it could be possible to have cars on all roads individually.
You don’t even need cannon.js, you could just have an invisible platform pushing you faster than you walk


I’d melt if you rolled up in that.


Interesting solution HP!

However I feel the braking power/friction/axel rotations that CANNON.js provides really does make the experience better from a driving standpoint.

I’m looking at scheduler.ts in the Tram Systems code. I wasn’t aware that the roads are single parcels; nor was I aware that single parcels can be interlinked in this way.

In the scene.json file however, the parcel count is around 190 parcels long, so I’m not sure they’re all actually deployed parcel by parcel, as single plot scenes?

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