[DAO:abed83a] Integrate UI Parameters to Provide Grantee Details for an Active Grant Proposal

by 0x2684a202a374d87bb321a744482b89bf6deaf8bd (FriskyBumbleBee)

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Integrate UI/UX Parameters to Provide Grantee Details for an Active Grant Proposal


The aim of this proposal is to assist in making better informed decisions for an active grant through the DAO. Adding certain parameters to the grant details, may assist voters to view any previous lines of efforts the grantee have been involved in.


By adding UI/UX parameters to show the numbers of grants received, number of grants proposed, number of grants revoked, and total amount funded (with links to the proposals) this may aid in making better informed and sound decisions in the DAO. Voters will have the opportunity to see previous lines of efforts the grantee may have been involved in and make the determination along with their pitch to whether they should either vote Yes or No for the proposal.


The DAO Grants program is a unique line of effort which provides financial capital to grow their respective business or line of efforts which will also result in the growth of the platform. By enabling creators and builders through this line of effort, it works in parallel by providing the financial capital to the grantee and building the platform. However, it proves difficult to track whether the grantee may or may have not been involved in other lines of efforts. This gap of information can also be addressed by word of mouth, or by researching on previous grants that have been passed which may be a burden for voters who may have a time constraint. Many times, an individual may not be aware the grantee had received funding or made numerous proposals in the past unless another senior community member may have brought it to their attention. By incorporating the proposed parameters, it will bolster voters to execute sound decisions based on the information highlighted through the parameters.


Once a grant proposal has been submitted through the DAO and it becomes active, including additional details and with hyperlinks underneath the requesting amount such as:

  • Display number of grants received in the past
  • DIsplay number of grants proposed
  • Display number of grants revoked
  • Display total amount funded to the grantee

Integration Difficulty - Low

Based on the feedback on Canny, the parameters already exists by clicking on an individuals profile. Integrating the parameters should not be a heavy lift. Below is the request submitted to Canny on 26 AUG 2023.


Although, the settings may be found by clicking on the individual’s profile- by incorporating the proposed parameters, it will permit ease of access to the voters to execute and make sound decisions regarding active grant proposals without the burden of doing extensive research or clicking back and forth between individuals’ profiles and the proposal, which in turn will save time and assist in making sound decisions.

Look forward to any feedback from the community.

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Great initiative that will bring transparency and analytics. :handshake:

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Integrate UI Parameters to Provide Grantee Details for an Active Grant Proposal

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 5,707,780 VP (93 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (1 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 794 VP (4 votes)