[DAO:a05bdec] Update #2 for proposal "Blockchain Social, Social Media Content Generation - Decentraland"

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Blockchain Social is pleased to report the successful completion of our milestones for the month of September. The team had created 29 captivating posts, 10 videos, 53 Instagram stories, and 4 in-depth blog pieces capturing the wonders of Decentraland.


Four insightful articles were written by the talented Astroporcelain, that dive right into innovative and insightful topics such as:

  1. CKBubbles pioneering Nail Art;
  2. Decentraland Worlds Unveiled;
  3. Decentraland’s VRM Export Feature; and
  4. Decentraland Event Recap for September.

These articles were crafted to shed light on creators, venues, and the new features in Decentraland- with the aim to captivate the mind of readers that may be entering Decentraland for the first time and also readers who have been actively involved in this space.

In addition to the blog articles, the Blockchain Social team has meticulously created a variety of captivating posts and videos emphasizing unique wearables, venues and incredible events such as the French Armed Forces Ministry Parkour Course, StoneyEye’s Mofyah Mondays, and UnMonday’s at Dhingia HQ. The team had also conducted a smart wearable giveaway with KJ Walker’s- Heart Print Shoes.

Lastly, we’re also continuing the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” campaign, which serves as another example of our commitment to provide innovative ways of capturing and highlighting the wonders of Decentraland, and also build rapport with the community.


Blockchain Social successfully completed all planned milestones for the month of September. However, it is with regret that we announce the departure of MetaLyss, a crucial team member of Blockchain Social. She left in the first week of September due to unforeseen events. Although her presence will be missed, we send MetaLyss our sincere good wishes for her future activities and have faith in her further success. However, we are pleased to announce this was the only blocker, and we currently have no other blockers hindering our progress.

Next steps

Blockchain Social will augment Decentraland’s visibility through publishing engaging posts, blog articles, and videos across multiple social media platforms. In addition, the team will continue to conduct outreach to individuals to be highlighted in blog articles and engaging posts. These initiatives aim to broaden our selection of content and offer our audience varied, thoughtful, and meaningful involvement. Lastly, we are launching paid campaigns with the aim to broaden our influence internationally and establish connections with various people all over the world.

Additional notes and links

Blockchain Social wants to recognize our team members Goldilox and Astroporcelain for their continued devotion and hard work. The team would also like to welcome our newest member- FriskyBumbleBee who will assist with Blockchain Social’s video production. The team would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the articles and contributed to the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’’ campaign.

We are thrilled to share the following links with you all below:

As we wrap up our update, we would like to thank the Decentraland community and the Grant Support Squad for their ongoing support, and we look forward to providing you exciting updates in the future!


Goldilox & Astroporcelain

Blockchain Social

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