[DAO:a05bdec] Update #1 for proposal "Blockchain Social, Social Media Content Generation - Decentraland"

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Blockchain Social takes pride in announcing that we have completed the remaining milestones for the month of August. The team has successfully completed over 70 engaging posts, 10 quality videos, 114 Instagram Stories (organic and shared UGC), and a total of five blog posts (we exceeded our 400-word minimum on each) capturing the unique world of Decentraland.


Blockchain Social is pleased to share five enlightening blog articles. These articles dove right into intriguing topics such as an exclusive Digital Fashion feature on KJ Walker, an in-depth exploration of the Decentraland DAO, a spotlight on “Women in Web3 Gaming: Ice Poker Edition” highlighting notable figures such as Canessa, Empress Raeon, and Sunshine, an introduction to Decentraland’s latest “hands” category and an event recap for the month of August. We have created a form that will allow us to communicate with brands and venues in DCL to figure out how we can help. We will roll this out in due course.


Blockchain Social successfully completed all planned milestones for the month of August. We are pleased to announce there are no blockers hindering our progress.

Next steps

Next Steps: Blockchain Social is pleased to provide our month two strategy, which includes our suggested goals and deliverables. Our team will continue to publish more engaging posts, articles, and videos across all social media platforms to reach a larger audience and increase Decentraland visibility. Furthermore, the team will enhance our influence by implementing and conducting paid campaigns allowing us to reach individuals throughout the globe.
-We are also working on a collaboration that should be announced soon, we can’t say too much right now but it’s a great opportunity for Decentraland to get exposure from a reputable brand in the web3 space.

Additional notes and links

Blockchain Social wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to the Decentraland community for its continuous support. We also wish to recognize our team members Lyss, Goldilox, and Astroporcelain for their outstanding devotion and hard work. The team also thanked everyone who contributed to the articles and participated in the "Sisterhood of the Transferring Pants” campaign.

We are thrilled to share the following links with you all below:



Community Favorites




As we wrap up our update, we want to thank the Decentraland community and the Grant Support Squad for their ongoing support. We look forward to providing you with further information in the future!

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