[DAO:7e21aaa] Add Avant Garde to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0x5881a5c69bfef940d1482ab846e93fd6398d7a0d (AGTEAM)

Should Avant Garde be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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The Ha Jung-Woo x SuperNormal collection by Avant Garde is a limited edition collection of PFP NFTs inspired by the work of renowned Korean artist Ha Jung-Woo. The collection was generated with more than 500 unique wearable items, each created from Ha Jung-Woo’s original art works. The collection features the unique style of Ha Jung Woo’s artwork in the form of NFTs that embodies the beauty and diversity of what Supernormal stands for. Because there is a very limited supply of only 978 NFTs, you will be provided with a rare opportunity of enjoying multiple linked wearable items that allows your Decentraland avatars to look like your Ha Jung-Woo X SuperNormal PFP.


Fashion allows people to express themselves and their identities without saying a word.
Our mission is to keep generating digital wearables so that Decentraland players can enjoy beautiful and unique wearables that we will continuously be creating.

Avant Garde is increasing partnerships with various artists and fashion brands to generate more digital wearables to present more variations of wearable items. We hope Decentraland will become our main stage for releasing upcoming collections as well.

We will never stop until people can fully express themselves in metaverse games. Please look forward to us on how we will be revolutionizing the digital fashion ecosystem.

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Smart Contract Address

  • 0xeE61Ae887A88092De2eCF286f6125F86d7EBeD5F

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  • 0x5881A5c69bFEf940d1482Ab846e93FD6398D7A0D

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • No

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How we can benefit Decentraland :purple_heart:

  1. DAU Increase
    We presently have over 10,000 members in our Discord community and they are devoted to us. We organize events every day where many of them take part in the opportunity of earning AGP (Avant Garde points).
  1. Going forward, we will frequently organize this event in Decentraland.
    Avant Garde is proud to collaborate with several fashion labels and host a Pre-season reveal in Decentraland, culminating in a thrilling virtual fashion show!
  2. By utilizing our resources, we can draw more fashion-interested individuals to Decentraland.

:purple_heart: It is predicted that DAU will expand by a minimum of 20k in a matter of days.:purple_heart:

  1. DAO Financial Benefit
    Once we have connected our wearables, we will register every item in regular wearables.
    Our collection is only beginning with 304 items. We’re already crafting 3D wearables for multiple fashion labels and our own designs, adding them one by one. Not just wearables, but also our skin.

:purple_heart: Avant Garde can be a tremendous advantage in Decentraland DAO.:purple_heart:

The wearables designs that you showcased on your proposal a few weeks ago are very very cool. I would love to be able to purchase them for my avatar! I also think it’s amazing that you have created 304 items; I am sure that is no easy feat between ideation and creation!

I am still on the fence about this proposal for the simple fact that this is quite a large number of linked wearables that only really benefit the 483 wallets (Avant Garde NFT holders) that may or may not connect to DCL. Could you shine some light on:

  • How “increase DAU by minimum 20K” was derived?
  • What are some past events, collabs or wearables drops in Decentranland?
  • How your Twitter following went from 24.5K (screenshot) to 18.5K in 1 day?

Additionally, I’d also like to understand (from DCL) how laborious approving / connecting linked wearables are vs. traditional wearable submissions for the Marketplace (which I know can be time consuming). Are the mechanics essentially the same for both?

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Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated.

  1. 20k
  • Our discord event has attracted a remarkable 10,000+ participants and we are thrilled to host it in Decentraland in the future!

  • On Decentraland, we will present fashion events including runway shows from popular fashion brands, and provide physical clothing for sale.
    This is conservatively anticipated to draw more than 10,000 people.

That’s why we confidently state that daily active users will increase by a minimum of 20,000!

  1. Events

We haven’t hosted any events on Decentrlanad before!
We are proud to announce that we will soon be hosting a grand fashion runway, featuring some of the most popular and high-end fashion brands.

  1. Twitter Followers

We have a large following of Korean people, comprising over 30% of our follower base. Recently, there was an incident in the Korean NFT market that upset some people and caused our Korean followers to decrease temporarily. Nevertheless, we are confident that when we release our second project soon, these numbers will skyrocket right back up!

My vote is not registering for some reason.

I would vote no, imo Linked Wearables is to link wearables to existing NFT collections and not as a way to avoid submission fees or be a lower point of entry for wearables.

The intention of this submission is to bridge our NFT collections, not to dodge the submission fees. And that is what I’ve been explaining…

My vote is not counting… it looks like others are not either. You might try deleting this proposal and resubmitting it.

Now you’ll be able to vote again! :purple_heart:

I voted YES to give this community a chance to have a presence in Decentraland from the Korean Community. I hope to see events and more users come out of this linked wearable.

However, can you please answer the following question: What is Avant Grande’s plans to bring users into Decentraland?

Yeah I think the recent poll passed so we can have the option now.

Add Avant Garde to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 45% 707,446 VP (139 votes)
  • No 55% 841,312 VP (26 votes)