[DAO:79ac0d4] Temporarily Pausing the uptake of new Decentraland Grants

by 0xaca8fbbdddfce169114f344d8ee739bde665f4f4 (Seanny)

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Temporarily Pausing the uptake of new Decentraland Grants


The approval of this governance proposal is the final step necessary in pausing the uptake of new Grant Proposals in the Decentraland Grants System for a 2 Month Period, starting on the 1st of January, up until the 28th of February.


The poll and draft setting this governance proposal led to open dialogue where multiple different members of the community brought opinions, information, and added value towards discussing the future of the Decentraland DAO.

In the spirit of agency, this draft proposal aims to add more of a focus on the question at hand:

Should we temporarily pause DCL’s grants programme until Q1 2023?

Through this proposal, we wish to propose the following action points:

  • Temporarily pause the uptake of new grant proposals;
  • Ensure the pause does not negatively harm the creative community;
  • Provide some time to the DAO Governance Squad to implement changes on Decentralised Governance being discussed.


Governance is a fundamental part of our DAO, and a two-month pause in our grants system can give the DCL Community a chance to turn its energy toward passing a multitude of upcoming governance decisions.

On the horizon, we have upcoming decisions for:

…and that’s just to point out a few.

All debates, discussions, and interests aside; this proposal reaffirms the belief that voting on grants requires constant, arduous contributions from the DAO; at the expense of attention, time, and energy. A pause in voting on grant-focused decisions is an opportunity for delegates and voters to breathe and take stock of all the decisions they have taken over the past months.

As DAO voters, a pause would allow the time and space to look back at the stands we have taken, with the curiosity of knowing how our decisions played out over time.

Remember; within a DAO, you are far more similar to a parliamentarian than you are to a citizen within a state. Decision fatigue is a serious risk that we would be intelligent to avoid.

A pause in our grants system is the perfect opportunity to both reflect on our past decisions, whilst also shifting our collective focus on the most important decisions we have to collectively make.


Proposed Plan of Action

The Final Governance vote shall approve the pause of the update of new grants, and shall be enacted in practice by Decentraland’s Governance Squad.

Any grants approved before the 31st of December, 2022, will remain entirely unaffected by this pause. Any Grantees wishing to apply for Decentraland-backed funding will have the first opportunity to do so again on the 1st of March, 2023. The pause will remain in effect for a minimum of two months.

The pause aims to cause as little disruption as possible to the creative community, whilst simultaneously aiming to give more prioritization to upcoming governance decisions that can further empower innovators, creators, and problem solvers within our community for years to come.


The applications and impacts of this Governance Proposal are quite succinct, yet have the potential to be indirectly far-reaching in the field of consensus-building, best-practice documentation, governance development, and systematic risk mitigation in the field of DAO Asset Management.

Direct Impact

The Decentraland Governance platform is paused for a two-month period, where no new Grant Proposals are taken up for debate by the Community and DAO.

This pause will effectively mean that no community member will be able to apply for Decentraland DAO funding, between the 1st of January and the 28th of February.

Indirect Impacts

Consensus Building

At a crucial point for Governance and consensus-building in our DAO, the pause can prove to be a pivotal moment in rallying the community around debates centered around the future of Decentraland, and the priorities that bind us.

A two-month period dedicated to road-map ideation, governance discussions, and community-focused prioritisations can prove to be a blessing in disguise, especially in the face of recent rifts and disagreements across the DCL Community as of late.

As one can see in our Governance platform; several members of each DAO Core Unit have been discussing how best to implement a distributed visioning and strategic alignment process that is both flexible enough to embody the decentralized ethos of our community and structured enough to serve its unifying purposes. This pause will allow community stakeholders, DAO operators, and others to come together to formalize this process and work together toward not only designing the process itself but to produce some form of deliverable that represents an outcome of this process.

Best-Practice Documentation

As a community-led initiative, this Governance Proposal can shed more light on how to best handle processes and initiatives related to regulating and developing a Decentralised Governance system.

Decentralised Decision-Making is a relatively new concept. In the future, the pause can prove to be a defining moment for the DAO when looking back at how governance decisions can impact the community in the short and long term and can feed into our best-practice documentation from the perspective of governance and decision-making.

Such approaches are already built into traditional governance systems in the form of legislative sessions and electoral cycles; however, in persistent decentralized systems, which have little to no temporal structures to guide our operations, we seriously, face a risk of governmental decoherence without strong best-practice documentation.

Governance Development and Systematic Risk Mitigation

The Pause will set a new precedent for the DAO, highlighting new practices, methods, and responsibilities that both community members and squad members can undertake and represent.

Approving a pause in our grants system is a DAO-first, and undergoing that process will give us new information and governance experience to be able to more efficiently and effectively handle discussions and decisions such as these in the future.

This practical understanding from a process standpoint, coupled with a precedent set in our governance platform, will simply allow us to move swiftly and assuredly in the future should similar discussions be required in the field of systematic risk mitigation and DAO Asset Management.

Implementation Pathways

Should this Governance Proposal pass, the Decentraland Governance Squad would be given the green light to pause the uptake of new Decentraland Grants for a 2-month period.

Pause Timeline:

Last day to submit a grant proposal: 31st December, 2022 23:59PM PST

Uptake of new Grants Paused: 1st January, 2023 00:00AM PST

Last day to vote on a grant proposal: 13th January, 2023 23:59PM PST

Last day of Grant Paused: 28th February, 2023 23:59PM PST

Grants Pause no Longer in Effect: 1st March, 2023, 00:00AM PST

NB: The last day to submit a grant has been amended to the 31st of December, due to Governance Proposals taking longer to vote on that polls and drafts. These extra few days simultaneously act as a buffer-grace period for any creatives in the community that have planned to make use of the Grants Platform this year, to ensure there is ample time for community members to make use of the platform before the temporary pause.


The intended outcome of this entire proposal is to continue building on the great discussions had in the last poll and draft, with the ultimate aim of gathering the community together to focus on governance-based decision-making.

2023 is going to be the year of the DAO, and it starts by coming together and collectively revisiting our foundations.

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Vote: NO

A friend of mine recently commented to me that they were voting no on basically every new proposal that came out because the “Pause Proposal” is on its way. What an excellent idea! If we need to pause spending on grants or other governance measures we already have a mechanism in place.

What happens if, during the two month pause, money needs to be allocated via the DAO. How long will it take to spin everything back up? By voting no an everything as a means of pausing activity, reversing it is as simple as voting yes.

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Voting yes.

To address the previous comment, it’s just two months, and the proposal already considered DAO teams and allocations. I don’t think the DAO had any “urgent requirement for allocation of money”. Let’s move forward and finish enacting this pause, so that our community heals and rests from the decision fatigue and social problems that grants have been creating lately.


Even so, this pause only sets a precedent related to the starting and pausing of the Decentraland Grants System (more specifically the uptake of new grants), and in no way, shape, or form does it impact our ability to allocate, shift and diversify our asset holdings.

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It is because of this point here, that I am going to ultimately be voting yes on this proposals. While my opposition to the pause was not necessarily strong, I have been vocal during the previous proposals about what I think some of the negative implications of the pause could be, and made similar points to @AwedJob about us being able to self-regulate without such a significant evasive maneuver. And as a result, did vote against the two previous proposal stages.

That said, I think the “DAO Community” putting a pause on “DAO Operations” is an important precedent to set. In political theory there is something called “a state of exception” and the argument is that “sovereign is he who decides on the exception.” The Community deciding to interrupt the normal flow of operations of the DAO, is an important step toward centering the locus of sovereignty in the DAO Community - or in other words, the power to decide on the exception.

For this reason, I will be voting yes on this proposal. Thank you @Seanny and @esteban for the work and amount of though you put this proposal.


Oh gosh, and we have planned to apply for a grant in January.
What should we do? We are afraid we won’t have enough funding for what we have planned.

Our original idea was to initially submit a draft and discuss every aspect with the community, but we are unsure we will have enough time unti 31st to do that.

Temporarily Pausing the uptake of new Decentraland Grants

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 96% 7,891,079 VP (75 votes)
  • No 4% 401,267 VP (9 votes)

Temporarily Pausing the uptake of new Decentraland Grants

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