[DAO:70c793f] Add the location -40,106 to the Points of Interest

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Best Price Rare University estate

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Should the scene located at -40,106 be added to the Point of Interest list?


FBRN main store is located at -40,106.
Decentraland wearables store with interactive shopping panel.

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I went there and only saw a huge ad for NFT wearables. I respect the hustle and good quality merch, but this will send a new user closing their browser and never coming to DCL again. A year from now this will be a remove POI request and saying “never seen an event here bad metrics”. We all want to sell our NFT wearables but the market has collapsed on them even those smart that transform every parcel into laser tag v1.7 cannot sell for 2 dollars. POI is for those locations that can entertain users like games, art, videos not for buy my nft. Using POI in the right way can help us all to sell more. If you want more traffic I would talk to weed farm robbery can maybe do an installation next door if any land available nearby for only a few grand (I see “entry” scene may be good spot). Do that and make a new request to make that deployment of farm for POI and we all approve and you will get a lot of traffic there.

Hello @OGContraBand !

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns about the proposed POI for our wearable store.
I appreciate the time you took to express your views and understand the importance of ensuring that Decentraland’s POI actually improve the user experience.
Our scene is a wearables store, that’s it.

I belive people do not come in social virtual spaces just to play or to be entertained by someone else in particular, it’s important to recognize the multifaceted reasons why people engage in these environments. From my observations and interactions, it’s clear that users are seeking more than just passive entertainment or gameplay.
I think people comes in mainly to explore a different reality and inspirational content where it’s easy to meet worldwide personalities in different scenarios.

Our vision is: we aim to explore and showcase the possibilities of Decentraland as a platform for innovative live shopping experiences.
The store is designed to be a hub for commerce, art and technology, offering a glimpse of what the future of virtual retail will look like.

Your point that POIs are primarily for places that entertain users like games, art, and videos is well taken, however, I believe our store fits this vision:
If and when we going to have categorized POI, i belive it would be great for every user to have “games, music clubs, stores, x-club, social clubs” and all necessary categories.
It would really benefit users to easily navigate through different types of experiences as each component adds value to the ecosystem, and users have the freedom to explore them at their own discretion.
Our store aims to become an attraction not only for its products but also for its innovative use of the Decentraland platform.

Highlighting commerce is okay too, yes

I feel like this might sit well as a POI once there are different categories of POI’s which is being discussed right now. At the moment nobody seems to agree on what a POI needs to be, I’m on the fence about it for now and maybe it doesn’t fit the current mould of a POI? But the build looks great, taking note of this place maybe for an ABC DCL Adventure!

Add the location -40,106 to the Points of Interest

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Voting Results:

  • Yes 76% 2,824,271 VP (41 votes)
  • No 23% 869,452 VP (6 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 15,891 VP (4 votes)

Add the location -40,106 to the Points of Interest

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