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by 0x3cb9e515e2452937b501734aa2cc8ea673c28f27 (decentrafun)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


We are an FPS/RTS crossover game being developed in Decentraland by a wonderful community of artists and engineers. Our current endeavor to create one of the most amazing community led games requires us to have an ingame marketplace so our items can be purchased and sold within Decentraland thanks to the rarible protocol. A previous proposal was done by HPrivakos however was not completed (Decentraland <> Rarible Protocol Integration).

We expect to fulfill the implementation of the rarible SDK with support for Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Grant size

24,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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We, Stellar Gate, are creating a new type of FPS/RTS game within Decentraland and believe that the Rarible Protocol is needed to continue our endeavors in Decentraland. We believe this technology will also be of great benefit to all Decentraland community as it will give more power to land owners and NFT creators (whether these may be artists, game devs, etc)

Rarible launched a few months back Rarible protocol. This new product allows us to integrate marketplaces in Decentraland and more. Some of the benefits are the ability to create a marketplace within DCL and sell products within DCL without the need to be redirected into another website like opensea. Land owners can even earn from fees generated by the sale of NFTs. We specially are aiming for the SDK integration on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

HPrivakos began to work on this add-on however was unable to complete it. We want to dedicate part of our personnel to the completion of this project as mentioned by HPrivakos.

HPrivakos proposal: Decentraland <> Rarible Protocol Integration



-Provide the ability to choose different services providers and display the NFT using the desired platform

-Developers and Decentraland Metaverse Property Owners will be able to integrate the same features available within the SDK and the Decentraland Metaverse Scene Builder

-Fully integrate the Rarible Protocol SDK features into the Decentraland SDK

-Mint NFTs on Ethereum ERC-20 Network and Polygon Network (TEZ FLOW SOL ?)

-Lazy Mint NFTs on Ethereum ERC-20 Network and Polygon Network

-Execute order on Ethereum ERC-20 Network and Polygon Network (TEZ FLOW SOL IMX)

-Bulk orders execute on Ethereum ERC-20 Network and Polygon Network (TEZ FLOW SOL IMX)

-Decentraland Metaverse Users will be able to use the Ethereum or Polygon Network to interacting with the Rarible Protocol

-An open source decentralized application including all the available example use cases will made available to Decentraland Metaverse Property/Land Owners and Developers in order to easily integrate the any of the available features into their property

-Provide the necessary integration tools and required software in contribution to the Decentraland Metaverse Ecosystem and code base for a seamless experience while transacting NFT using the Rarible Protocol Platform


-A transaction relayer service will be created

-Decentraland Metaverse specifics validation services integration

-Decentraland Metaverse SDK and Unity Renderer integration

-Embedded, out of the box, functionality for the administration and handling of NFT galleries, stores, and other required parameters and other features available within the Rarible Protocol SDK.

-A Decentraland sample scene ready to be deployed for testing and integration into any Decentraland Land.

-The development of the project will be done in two phases

-Expansion of the available NFT functionality present in the Decentraland Unity Renderer and the Decentraland SDK

-It’ll be possible to choose among providers, Rarible Protocol Integration will be available along with Opensea

-Marketplace interaction

-Decentraland Users Will be able to purchase NFT items published inside any scene using Ethereum ERC-20 Network or the Polygon Network

-NFT operations will be committed using the Rarible Protocol


We are dedicating Stellar Gate personnel resources into the completion of this project.

Jorge Bartra - Stellar Gate Project Lead | will oversee operations and completion of add on
Luis Grisolia - Stellar Gate Lead Dev | will work with a group of 2 other Stellar Gate devs to deliver the project Hector Velasquez - Stellar Gate Sr. Dev | Provide support to Lead Dev Maria Rujano - Stellar Gate Dev | Provide support to Lead Dev

Roadmap and milestones

We estimate for the project to be delivered in full within six months. We spoke with Marianna Sanchez for Rarible and will update her and DCL about our progress monthly. We will also keep in close contact with rarible team member Vitaly Lyaper in order to make this integration successful.

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Polygon is a requirement for this proposal IMO.
It’s listed in the specification, but I believe it’s not doable in the current state of Decentraland and Rarible.

I’d like to see a Proof Of Concept for transactions on Polygon from DCL (prod, not preview) before being able to vote yes on this proposal.

I agree with @HPrivakos about the PoC. If you need to change the browser’s provider to polygon network, you will not be able to connect to dcl. Are you able to sign messages without changing networks?

What aspects of the Unity Renderer will need updates? Who will maintain the transaction relayer service? Will requests be going directly to rarible or through another endpoint? Who will update the integration in case of breaking changes to rarible apis?

Would this need approval from the SAB since it involves handling wallets and signing txns?

Hey @HPrivakos Our Devs are confident we can do this. And there’s no way to give you a proof of concept without completing the entire 6 months of work. Like you mentioned in your previous comments about your attempt, it is difficult to find the time to focus 100% on the task.

I’ll defer to HP and Matts comments since it’s HP’s original proposal, and they both seem to understand it the most.

But from what I’m hearing, it’s hard to say yes on something that after 6 months may not work out. Completion competency is important for a project like this, especially when asking for a 5 figure grant.

Rarible Protocol <> Decentraland Integration | Stellar Gate Project

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 146 VP (19 votes)
  • No 99% 2,672,262 VP (64 votes)