[DAO:0e7de28] Rarible Protocol <> Decentraland Integration | Stellar Gate Project

by 0x3cb9e515e2452937b501734aa2cc8ea673c28f27 (decentrafun)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


We are an FPS/RTS crossover game being developed in Decentraland by a wonderful community of artists and engineers. Our current endeavor to create one of the most amazing community led games requires us to have an ingame marketplace so our items can be purchased and sold within Decentraland thanks to the rarible protocol. A previous proposal was done however was not completed (Decentraland <> Rarible Protocol Integration). We expect to fulfill the following:

-Purchase and sell of NFTs within Decentraland
-Allow land owners the possibility to split fees by percentages between land owners and NFT creators.
-Allow for percentage of fees to empower the DAO

Grant size

24,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



We, Stellar Gate, are creating a new type of FPS/RTS game within Decentraland and believe that the Rarible Protocol is needed to continue our endeavors in Decentraland. We believe this technology will also be of great benefit to all Decentraland community as it will give more power to land owners and NFT creators (whether these may be artists, game devs, etc)

Rarible launched a few months back Rarible protocol. This new product allows us to integrate marketplaces in Decentraland. This will allow everyone to run their marketplace within DCL and sell products within DCL without the need to be redirected into another website like opensea. Land owners can even earn from fees generated by the sale of NFTs. We specially are aiming for NFTs on the Polygon network to be available upon integration.

HPrivakos began to work on this add on however was unable to complete it. We want to dedicate part of our personnel to the completion of this project as mentioned by HPrivakos.

HPrivakos proposal: Decentraland <> Rarible Protocol Integration


We seek to fulfill what was initiated by HPrivakos. We are looking to fulfill the same specifications as mentioned by HPrivakos:


We are dedicating Stellar Gate personnel resources into the completion of this project.

Jorge Bartra - Stellar Gate Project Lead | will oversee operations and completion of add on
Luis Grisolia - Stellar Gate Lead Dev | will work with a group of 2 other Stellar Gate devs to deliver the project
Hector Velasquez - Stellar Gate Sr. Dev | Provide support to Lead Dev
Maria Rujano - Stellar Gate Dev | Provide support to Lead Dev

Roadmap and milestones

We estimate for the project to be delivered in full within six months. We spoke with Marianna Sanchez for Rarible and will update her and DCL about our progress monthly.

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My proposal was a fifth of the budget for the whole Rarible Protocol, not solely the sell and buy functions.
Those two functions necessitate less than a day of work in total.
As I’m eager to save the DAO 24k USD, I’ll work on it and provide it for free in the next few hours.

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Please be so kind as to read thouroughly. We specified to cover and fulfill your previous proposal. Your request was a total of 15k including rarible. We are not receiving rarible grant for now since they have paused the grants on their end for now.

The scope in Abstract and Specification are different, sorry for my concerns.
I did not get the part of the grant from Rarible by the way.

Yes we understand but trust us. We will want everything that can be offered from the Rarible Protocol. We can also give you updates if you would like to know how our progress is doing :smiley: . I hope they resume their grant portion. Would be nice to keep working to make it even better somehow, probably some examples in the future. In the end both parties will benefit greatly, we need this level of interaction in Decentraland for Immersiveness. We also do hope to finish it as quick as possible since it is of importance to our game :smiley:

I was able to get the sale part working, it only took me about 4 hours.
I do not think this proposal is technically doable though, because to setup a sale on polygon, you need to sign the message while being on the polygon network, which is not possible in Decentraland as you need to be on mainnet to join.

Voting No, as stated by HPrivakos looks like its not technically feasible.

If the Rarible protocol demands the user to be in the Polygon network to sign a message to trade on the Polygon network its a big issue. Decentraland only works on Ethereum mainnet.

If the message can be signed on Ethereum mainnet to trade on Polygon then it could work, and I’ll be happy to change the vote to Yes.

Rarible Protocol <> Decentraland Integration | Stellar Gate Project

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 5% 108,085 VP (15 votes)
  • No 95% 1,951,160 VP (53 votes)