[DAO:49b9413] Sponsorship for Metamorphosis 2023 Dubai and Metamorphosis 2023 Bangalore/Delhi

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Should the following $35,000 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


We the octaloop have been conducting blockchain and crypto hackathons and events for the past few years. We have been conducting events in India . This year we are conducting our conference in Dubai as well.

Grant size

35,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



we propose the following:

  1. Hosting Decentraland as Silver Sponsor for Metamorphosis 2023 Bangalore/Delhi.
  2. Hosting Decentraland as Silver Sponsor for Metamorphosis 2023 Dubai.

Previous Hackathons and Events

  1. DecentralHacks:

1.1 Sponsors: Polygon, Elastos, Github, Coingecko, CXIHub, SnapEx
1.2 Hackathon Participants: 583
1.3 Winners won $10k in prizes

  1. Unblock 2021: https://unblock2021.hackerearth.com

2.1 Sponsors: Nano, NEAR, Harmony, Polygon, CXIHub
2.2 Hackathon Participants: 520
2…3 Winners won over $15k in prizes

3.DecentralHacks 2.0: https://decentralhacks2021.devfolio.co

3.1 Sponsors: Sentinel (Cosmos), Phemex, 1inch, Quantstamp, CXIHub
3.2 Hackathon Participants: 500+
3.3 Projects out of hackathon: DecentralHacks 2021 | Devfolio
3.4 Winners won over $15k

  1. Unblock 2022

4.1 Sponsors: Phala Network, Polkadot, Gari.
4.2 Hackathon Participants:500+

  1. Metamorphosis 2022

5.1 1000+ Attendees
5.2 50+ Speakers
5.3 35% of Developers
5.4 20% C-level Executives
5.5 50% Web3 Tool users
5.5 Promotional video:

Proposed Offer and Estimated Cost

  1. Metamorphosis 2023 Bangalore/Delhi Silver Sponsor

Metamorphosis is first and foremost a celebration of the Web3 community, bringing enthusiasts, influencers, builders, innovators, founders, and investors together under a single roof to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues.
From DeFi and DAOs to NFTs and the Metaverse, Metamorphosis is more than just a meet-and-greet. It’s a platform for bold ideas; a little drummer boy ready to beat along to whatever symphonies arise from the cacophony. Innovation always outpaces hype-fuelled unsustainability. It’s a natural election.

2.1 Deliverables

2.1.1 6 sq m Booth
2.1.2 Press Releases
2.1.3 Video Branding
2.1.4 Twitter Spaces
2.1.5 Attendees’ Data
2.1.6 Articles on media platforms
2.1.7 Social Media Promotions
2.1.8 Dedicated pages on newsletters
2.1.9 Tickets 4
2.1.10 VIP Entry Passes 1

2.2 Estimated Price
For the aforementioned deliverables, the estimated price would be 10,000 USD

  1. Metamorphosis 2023 Dubai Silver sponsor

3.1 Deliverables
3.1.1 6 sq m Booth
3.1.2 Keynote Speaker
3.1.3 Logos on Branding
3.1.4 Press releases
3.1.5 Twitter space
3.1.6 Social media promotions
3.1.7 Dedicated pages on the newsletter
3.1.8 Articles on media platforms
3.1.9 Video branding
3.1.10 Influencer promotions
3.1.11 4 VIP entry pass
3.1.12 6 tickets

3.2 Estimated Price
For the aforementioned deliverables, the estimated price would be 15,000 USD

  1. Combined offers
  • Metamorphosis Bangalore and Delhi ($10,000+ $10,000) = $25,000

  • Metamorphosis Bangalore and Delhi($10,000+$10,000)+Metamorphosis Dubai ($15,000) = $35,000

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this proposal and look forward to working with Decentraland. We can schedule a call to give you a better image.

Roadmap and milestones

we will be conducting:-

Metamorphosis Dubai on October 18,19,20
Metamorphosis Bangalore on November 2023
Metamorphosis Delhi on September 2023

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Whats the Benefit for Decentraland?

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  • Increase Decentraland’s Exposure in India and Dubai.
    -Grow the Decentraland community in India through multiple campaigns and community shoutouts.
    -Have more people explore, develop and trade in Decentraland.
    -Metaverse arena in the event, where the audience will interact with Decentraland.Decentraland will be the exclusive Metaverse partner.
    -Improve collaboration and partnership opportunities within the crypto ecosystem in India.
    -Introducing Decentraland to the Startup and community networks.

@ArtReYou I hope this answers your question

Sponsorship for Metamorphosis 2023 Dubai and Metamorphosis 2023 Bangalore/Delhi

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 10% 657,149 VP (16 votes)
  • No 89% 5,731,679 VP (86 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 1,113 VP (10 votes)