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Hen.world (at Voltaire Plaza)

Should the scene located at -62,128 be added to the Point of Interest list?


Hen.World is a point of knowledge to raise awareness, fight stigma, & build communities around health- where no one is judge by their condition & no topic is taboo. On DCL, this type of content will both benefit & enrich the platform.

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Nice and useful place. Could you tell more please about your company and mobile app ?

Will you highlight Decentraland experience in your blogs ?



You asked this question, but already voted yes? Can you explain why? Do you just like voting yes?

I voted Yes because it is useful place where people can get health tips and even play games. Also creator has experience as seen on website and mobile app and some nice inbound blog in instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CeUuu0EPO2q/.

So why not, if there will be more places like that, Decentraland will be more interesting.

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Haven’t seen an event from them yet. So we are going to make it a point of interest for places that have yet to put on a few events? Many people have great ideas and events will bring people to these spots, putting a spot on a map that is always empty takes away from those who actually put work in to keep Decentraland busy.

Hi Hen.World, thank you for taking the time to submit a POI proposal. I’ve seen a few of your event pages, can you please list for us what events you have already hosted, and what events you plan on hosting in the future?

Additionally, and this is a BIG one…

Since the space for a POI star is so limited, can you please tell us a little about your team, for instance, what is your background? I see you are hosting events on topics like depression, eating disorders, and I believe you covered suicide in the past? What are your credentials? I visited your build and see many “Dr’s”, like Dr. Hendrian, Dr. Hendrew, Dr. Hen, Dr. Henten. The names are cute, but I cannot in good conscience support any organization which covers Mental Health topics without having a licensed Dr. or psychologist who is doxxed on their team. It would be helpful if you provided that information in your build, without asking the user to click on external social media links.

I’m afraid I’m seeing many people suggest we tackle mental health issues in the Metaverse without having the professional support to use empirical evidence to guide decision making. This is dangerous.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

~ Canessa

Thanks for the questions and thanks for your vote. Hen.World is a health information center. The goal is to raise awareness and build/share conversations about health. The more information you have the better decisions/choices you can make to stay healthier. Over the last few years, we have all had to make decisions about our health. We work with many foundations to get out health information- including the Elton John Aids foundation, TLC for BFRB foundation, World Hepatitis Alliance and another very large organization this Monday for World Mental Health Day. The characters all started as emojis on the Halza app. Yes, its a medical records app- where no information is shared or sold. For those who travel or see many doctors in different hospitals/countries- it is important to have your records with you & not kept by a hospital to force you to come back to them. Its your body, your health! We have used social media (FB, IG & Twitter) to try to educate our followers to come to DCL- And we should write an article on the blog- thank you for the suggestion-though we mostly write about health topics. Our goal is to provide health education. This benefits everyone on DCL. Thanks again!

Have you been to the space? There are 5 floors of content! And there have been several events including an advance premiere of a video series last week (before launching on Youtube) for Breast Cancer Awareness! -there is another event now to coincide with world mental health day. There are 1-2 events a month. Have you been to the anatomy game on the second floor? The plan is to invite health foundations to use the 4th and 5th floors for events for those who have these conditions and to raise more awareness. Hen World benefits DCL and it should be a POI on the map.

Every month there are 1-2 events. We have done- Sickle Cell (working with Sickle Cell 101- the largest community group online), info on Blood donation, gender dysphoria, info on CBC (complete blood count tests), Ferritin, C-reactive protein, Drug overdose, Suicide prevention, medical cannabis. We will be doing more on female health, diabetes, HIV. Hen World is about Health awareness through entertainment and all content is medically checked. We have a team of medical professionals helping, If you follow Dr Hen Says on social media, you will see all of the foundations that collaborate with Dr Hen- including this Monday for World Mental Health Day- Last week it was the TLC for BFRB foundation who collaborated with Dr Hen Says. We also worked with the Elton John Aids Foundation, Hen.World should be a POI on the map. It benefits DCL. I hope this answers your questions.

I really love this concept and have been to your build a couple of times before. To provide this type of awareness to various issues which may be personal for so many seems positive.

Is there any potential retention of medical data associated with my log in address. As an example, if I seek information on any one of your topics can I be subjected to future marketing around that topic? Is this one-way information or will there be data collection in the future and if so, how will that benefit the DAO?

Add the location -62,128 to the Points of Interest

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Add the location -62,128 to the Points of Interest

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