[DAO:342dc3e] Should the DAO stake its ETH?

by 0x0d2d5a968127d3fea9dc5032c78724620980a62d (dclchess)

This seems to be a fair and safe compromise to earn yield/profit on some of the treasury funds without taking on the risk of trusting some random third party’s defi smart contracts. The current DAO structure would enact solo ETH staking without outside help.

Combined with the new treasury management strategy of ETH diversification per “Decentraland DAO Treasury Diversification ( Phase A )”… ETH staking would become a source of reliable continually increasing income for the DAO.

If solo staking is not possible, then this proposal is invalid as the risk can not be greater than the reward.

Should the DAO stake its ETH?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Abstain
  • Invalid question/options

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