[DAO:1b54fcb] Parameters for buying back LAND using DAO funds (PT. C)

by 0x8218a2445679e38f358e42f88fe2125c98440d59 (1010)

The previous poll on whether the DAO should buy back LAND (link below) ended with a resounding YES.

Therefore the next step in approaching this proposal is to set parameters. As according to the previous poll, a majority of voters who voted “YES”, chose ‘Buy cheapest at marketplace’.

There will be 3 polls to decide the parameters for purchasing ‘Cheapest at marketplace’
A. The ceiling price PER PARCEL allowed by the DAO to purchase from marketplace.
B. The total amount of MANA that the DAO is allowed to spend MONTHLY on purchasing LAND.
C. Whether contiguous LANDs should be given priority.

The final consensus will be as such:
There will be a price cap of ‘(A)’ per parcel, at a spending limit of ‘(B)’ monthly using DAO funds. Contiguous LANDs will/will not be given priority’(C)'.

This poll is to decide on point (C).
All terms are valued in MANA

  • Give contiguous LANDs priority in purchase.
  • Do not give contiguous LANDs priority
  • Invalid question/options

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This poll is to decide if contiguous LANDs should be given priority. Why I feel this should be given thought is because contiguous LANDs allow for projects that require either more area or data to be published. On the other hand, purchasing too many single non contiguous plots will limit prospective renters/grantees from loaning the LAND, thereby rendering almost all acquired plots useless and worsening the problem of having no content on Genesis City.

Sellers who would like to sell their estate can also break it up and put it at below floor price to have a higher chance for a sale. It solves 2 issues, primarily,

  1. The debate on whether estates should be purchased, and
  2. Guarantees that the DAO gets the best value possible for an ESTATE.

We can then do a proposal on a later date as to whether said LANDs should be combined into ESTATES.

Parameters for buying back LAND using DAO funds (PT. C)

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Give contiguous lands priority in purchase. 76% 4,082,385 VP (102 votes)
  • Do not give contiguous lands priority 23% 1,260,414 VP (11 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 865 VP (1 votes)

Parameters for buying back LAND using DAO funds (PT. C)

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbfa6d24e6a061e9aea3447163fdfe045177dd40e)