[DAO:1782014] Should the DAO reduce the quarterly budget?

by 0x0d2d5a968127d3fea9dc5032c78724620980a62d (dclchess)

Should the DAO reduce the quarterly budget by 30%?

This would be to control excessive spending and ensure only the highest quality projects can be funded by the DAO.

Unused MANA would be saved and left untouched, or partially diversified into ETH (or other coins/tokens) as another proposal has already suggested.

If this poll passes, the allocations of budget for each category would probably have to adjusted to fit community consensus of funding priorities. Its possible that some categories should be reduced while others are expanded or kept the same, this would have to be discussed and decided by the community.

This would allow the DAO to continue funding new grant requests for all categories in 2024 with significantly less risk of wasting too many resources.

  • No, do NOT reduce
  • Yes, reduce by 30%
  • Invalid question/options

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Hello, I will vote Invalid.

Reducing the quarterly budget doesn’t stop how poorly the budget is being spent nor will it combat the DAO drainers.

Based on approved funding I don’t believe that there has been excessive spending. This data has been useful in better understanding budgets vs allocations : DAO Transparency Report Dashboard › Welcome (google.com)

This proposal is currently in the governance stage: Refine Grant Categories and percentage of budget (Stage B) (decentraland.org)

Thank you for your thoughts on how the DAO can better control its spending and budgeting. I really liked the idea around the 2-step grant process as well.

The 30% reduction could possibly be applied across all categories in accordance with the other governance proposal. However, I agree there is more discussion needed on the details of this poll and would like the community to share their ideas.

Should the DAO reduce the quarterly budget?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • No, do not reduce 16% 517,087 VP (8 votes)
  • Yes, reduce by 30% 6% 193,260 VP (6 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 78% 2,476,354 VP (22 votes)