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Neon Skater

Pink Shades

Never without my Shiba

I will check collection now

Awesome thank you let me know!


neon skater:
add tiara to hiding list
reduce textures count to 4 or 5

the rest is ok

f version of neon skater is broken here too, make sure to delete all bones with _end suffix

thats right, when you will update files, it will erase female version
but then you will be able to add female representation

Ok got it - and it seems i cannot hide tiara lower body and feet at the same time, the save button disappear when i add a 3rd item. Is there a fix for that ?

Please check i uploaded the skin for both male and female - only tiara i cant add to the hide list

you will need to add tiara to hiding list, otherwise your wearable will have overlapping issues with other tiara wearables

@theankou i have an issue, i cant add more than 2 items in the hide list. The “save” button will not be available as soon as i choose more than 2items to the hide list.

I think this issue happens when you use test network in metamask, make sure you use ethereum network

Ok i zoomed out (instead of resizing) and it worked! it’s done i added tiara to the hiding list!

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ps: @theankou i added the male version of the shiba it was missing. Everything should be ok now!

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collection approved!

Awesome thank you very much!

Hello @theankou FYI i just edited the thumbnail collection, so i had to submit for approval again!

Hello @theankou @collections - can you please re-approve the collection asap ? I just changed the cover picture of the collection. Thank you

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sorry, but borders should be removed, or there should be a gap between your border and default image border

Hi @theankou no problem, please check i removed the borders! Thank you!

thumbnail background should be transparent

all three thumbnails use blue backroung for some reason, you will need to make sure that they all use transparent background